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Warm Audio WA12 Stereo - Microphone Pre Amp / DI

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Warm Audio WA12 Stereo - Microphone Pre Amp / DI

  • Warm Audio WA12 Stereo - Microphone Pre Amp / DI
  • Warm Audio WA12 Stereo - Microphone Pre Amp / DI

Warm Audio WA12 Stereo

The Warm Audio WA12 Stereo is a pair of discrete mono mic pres based on the classic 312 style preamps. Utilising dual custom CineMag balancing transformers and quality components throughout, the WA12 represents a milestone in affordable high end recording technology.

Each preamp features mic and DI input with a whopping 71Db of gain. The Warm Audio WA12 is dripping, with character, vibe and warmth and sounds great on voice, electric guitar and bass guitar and fat and punch on drums and percussion. The DI is located on the front panel allowing direct access for bass, keyboards and guitar as well as the main controls including a HI-Z switch, phantom power, -20Db pad switch, polarity switch and the Tone switch, which changes the input impedance from 600 ohms to 250 ohms.The tone setting has a dual purpose of matching the input impedance to better suit dynamic and condenser microphones, but it also changes the tonality of the signal making it fatter and darker.

Any instruments that need to sound richer or more exciting will benefit from being miked through the WA12 or at mix time, when you can re-amp your signals through the unit to benefit from the warmth that a transformer circuit brings.

Warm Audio WA12 Features

  • 2 x Warm Audio WA12 Preamps
  • 71db of Gain
  • Custom-designed Cinemag input and output transformers - Made in the USA
  • Tone button switches the input impedance from 600 ohms to 150 ohms and changes the tone of both the mic and HI-Z inputs
  • Fully Discrete
  • High voltage 1731 style operational amplifier
  • 48 volt Phantom Power
  • Mic level balanced input: XLR or 1/4?/TRS
  • Balanced outputs: XLR and 1/4?/TRS
  • 2 Mega-Ohm True HI-Z input on front panel. Sends instrument signal through entire circuit including both Cinemag Transformers and the discrete operational amplifier. Great for guitars, bass, keyboards and other instruments that have a 1/4? output jack
  • -20db pad
Manufacturer Warm Audio
Model WA12ST
Warm Audio
Warm Audio
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