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Ueberschall Liquid Guitar

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Ueberschall Liquid Guitar

  • Ueberschall Liquid Guitar

Ueberschall Liquid Guitar

Liquid Instrument Series Guitar - Unites the collective power of the guitar universe. It features a broad spectrum of guitar licks. Recorded from acoustic (nylon/steel) and electric guitars. From Funk, R'n'B, Pop, Rock, Rock'n'Roll, Blues, Fusion, Jazz, Western, Beat all the way to Sound FX. Rhythmically and soloistically played licks and phrases recorded as : Clean-direct input and Real Amp Recording with crunch, distortion including feedback, tremolo and wahwah sounds.

Adapting all the licks in terms of key and mode is child's play using the Liquid Engine. In just a few steps even the melodies can be individually modified - the sound remains authentic! The recordings were made without additional EQs, limiters, etc. Liquid Guitar is your personal studio guitarist, who plays the melodies just as you want them. Liquid rocks!

Ueberschall's brand new Liquid Instrument Series offers you new ways to control and redo sampled lines and phrases! Fed up with the limitations of using sampled musical lines and phrases? Well, here comes something new and exciting: Ueberschall's Liquid Instrument Series, in close cooperation with Celemony have developed this hot new tool offering you a whole new array of features to control sampled material. Make your selected phrase sound the way you want it to! Enter a new world of music technology!

The Liquid Instrument Series opens up unimagined ways of controlling existing musical phases in realtime. Parameters such as single note pitches, formants, note lengths, scales, tempo, start and endings can now be edited easily and directly to suit your arrangement. Quick and simple access, just like having the studio musician right next to you, responding to your desires in expression and phrasing. Unchanged high-quality sound even after intense processing.

Thanks to the unique Melodyne functions, you can create countless variations, from simple licks and phrases to complete solo lines. Featuring the best musicians, using high-end studio equipment to achieve state of the art sound quality. No additional effects or any other processors have been used in ueberschall's Liquid Instrument Series (L.I.S.) ensuring the purest results possible.

Manufacturer Ueberschall
Model Ueberschall Liquid Guitar
Ueberschall Liquid Guitar
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