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Toft Audio Designs ATB 32 - 32 Channel 8-Bus Mixer

£8,369.17 £6,974.31 (ex. vat)

Toft Audio Designs ATB 32 - 32 Channel 8-Bus Mixer

  • Toft Audio Designs ATB 32 - 32 Channel 8-Bus Mixer

The new Toft Audio Trident Series ATB Series Mixer is based on the heritage begun with the original console designs by Malcolm Toft as managing director of Trident Audio Developments Ltd. Designed by Malcolm Toft's circuits from the 70's, these new units are ideal for project and professional studios alike.

Toft Audio Designs ATB Mixer Features

  • Available in 16/24/32 input configurations
  • 8 Buss
  • Level indicators all channels
  • Direct outs
  • Modular through hole design
  • Input/Monitor reverse switch
  • EQ available to in-line monitor
  • 16, 24 or 32 Microphone inputs depending on model
  • 8 stereo effect returns
  • 4 Band EQ designed by Malcolm Toft.
  • Faders on all 8 busses
  • Input phase reverse operating on both mic and line inputs on each channel.
  • Extremely competitive price.
  • 56 inputs to 2 track (16 channel version)
  • 8 subgroup bargraph meters
  • All connections on rear panel
  • Talkback facilities
  • 6 discrete aux send
  • Aux 5/6 available to in-line monitor
  • Stereo Solo in place can be switched to mono PFL
  • 8 monitor returns
  • Monitor returns on all channels with EQ
  • Dual control room outputs
  • Optional digital card (Firewire/SPDIF/ADAT/Word Clock IN/OUT/COAX/MIDI)
  • Extremely musical four band sweep equalization ranging from 40Hz to 15kHz in overlapping ranges.

Toft Audio Designs ATB Mixer Features

  • Input impedance : Microphone: >1.2KW electronically balanced Line: >10KW electronically balanced
  • Output Impedance : Groups and Auxiliaries: <100W electronically balanced Others: <100W unbalanced
  • Gain : Microphone: 70dB (channel input to group output) Gain: 6dB to 65dB Line: -10 to +20dB (channel input to group output)
  • Noise : Microphone: <-127dBu ref 200W, 20Hz to 20kHz Line: <-75dBu (Eq in, direct output) 20Hz to 20kHz Overall system <-75dBu (Line input to group output) 20 Hz to 20kHz
  • Maximum Levels : Mic Input: +20dBu at all frequencies Line Input: +22dBu at all frequencies Group outputs: +26dBu balanced, +22dBu unbalanced into 2KW
  • Distortion : Microphone: <0.03% T.H.D.(-50dBu input, +4dBu output) Line: <0.02% T.H.D.(+4dBu input, +4dBu output)
  • Frequency response:
  • Microphone: +1dB 20Hz to 40kHz Line: ±0.5dB 20Hz to 30kHz
  • Crosstalk : Adjacent channel: -70dB @ 1kHz, -60dB @ 15kHz Adjacent group: -70dB @ 1kHz, -60dB @ 15kHz
  • Nominal level: +4dBu
Manufacturer Toft Audio Designs
Toft Audio Designs
Toft Audio Designs
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