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Thermionic Culture Earlybird 2.2

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Thermionic Culture Earlybird 2.2

  • Thermionic Culture Earlybird 2.2

The Earlybird 2.2 is a two channel all valve pre-amp employing a balanced push-pull circuit, which as far as we know, is unique in this application. The use of this type of circuit gives very low noise and plenty of headroom with minimal distortion. These factors coupled with a switchable input impedance will mean the user can get a very natural interpretation of whatever sound the microphone is picking up, whether the mic is valve, ribbon, moving coil or FET.

The Earlybird 2.2 retains all of the features of the previous Earlybirds. We have added an extra pair of inputs to allow permanent connection to a Pullet EQ. In addition the active EQ section now has switchable frequencies on the mid and bass lift sections. The Gain controls have now been simplified and incorporated into a Function switch.

After much dedicated development work in conjunction with Brian Sowter, we have arrived at the pinnacle of audio transformer design. Both the input and output transformers have been optimised for use in our unique circuit. This results in more headroom and lower distortion especially at low frequencies.

The Earlybird 2.2 need not stand idle once the mixing process has begun. The line input facility means that the sonic haracteristics and EQ facilities of the Earlybird 2.2 can be fully utilised on any mono or stereo signals that the user feels may benefit from such enhancement. With this in mind the Pullet acts as a perfect companion for precision mid range EQ.

We believe that the Earlybird 2.2 is not only the finest mic amp available for todays recording environment but combined with its EQ and Pullet compatability, the most versatile.

Earlybird 2 Specification

Figures for distortion, noise, phase shift and eq 44dB mic gain, 0dB line gain.

  • Input Impedance : 300 or 1200 ohms, switchable , balanced.
  • Output Impedance : output level control at max: 55 ohms balanced B)B) output level control at min: 500 ohms balanced
  • Maximum Gain : 62dB
  • Maximum Output Level (MOL) : (MOL) +34dBv @1kHz, +33dBv @100Hz
  • Phase Shift at 10kHz : 18 degrees (5%)
  • Distortion (THD), 1kHz/100Hz : 0.007%/0.012%
  • Frequency response +/-0.5 dB : 10Hz to 38kHz
  • Signal to Noise (weighted) Ch.1 : 115 dB
  • Signal to Noise (weighted) Ch.2 : 112 dB below MOL
  • Eq, dB each active control at max Bass : +15dB @60 Hz & 100Hz
  • Eq, dB each active control at max Mid : +15dB @800Hz & 2.8kHz
  • Eq, dB each active control at max Top : +21dB @ 10 kHz
  • Mid frequency selector : 800Hz & 2.5kHz
  • Bass frequency selector: 100Hz
  • Gain settings, mic (line in brackets) dB : dB 36( -8 ) 44( -0 ) 52( 8 ) 60(16)
  • Bass Cut, Hz : 0, 40, 100, 800
  • Output trim : -18 dB to 0 dB linear reverse attenuator
  • Input and output connectors : 8 x 3pin XLRs, wired balanced.(2x mic in, 2x line in, 2x pullet in, 2x line out )
  • Valve complement : 2 x 12AX7TC/ECC83, 3 x 12AU7TC/ECC82
Manufacturer Thermionic
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