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Thermionic Culture Culture Vulture - Mastering

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Thermionic Culture Culture Vulture - Mastering

  • Thermionic Culture Culture Vulture - Mastering

Thermionic Culture Culture Vulture - Mastering

Originally designed as a "distortion box" to simulate distortion in valve amps it has found lots of uses beyond this. We know that some owners use them on drum loops, vocals, piano sounds and even across entire tracks (it is a stereo unit).

We have refined this so that distortion figures are reduced to only 0.2% at lowest to about 99.9% (at least that's what our distortion meter tells us!). Predominant distortion can be changed from even to odd harmonics with a simple switch. We know it's recently been rented to mix a JAMES BOND movie!

As there has been a number of requests from mastering engineers and recording studios alike regarding a balanced version of the Culture Vulture. Vic and the team have now decided to put this into production to meet this demand. The MV has the same front panels controls and operation as the standard Vulture but with the following changes;

  • Transformer balanced inputs & outputs on stereo jacks.
  • Transformer balanced rear mounted bypass switch.
  • Large indented input Drive controls.
  • Indented Output Controls
  • Specially selected or military type valves with longer lifey. Carefully matched 5725 distortion valves.


Culture Vulture Features

  • Warm sounds gently or create a noise like a 200 watt guitar stack with all the drivers slashed.
  • Independent channel operation
  • Odd or even harmonic distortion, or combination of both.
  • All valve design free from solid state additives.
  • High impedance line input or instrument inputs.
  • 4 & 7 kHz filters
  • Overdrive & bypass switches

Culture Vulture Specifications

  • Maximum output level : +20dBV
  • Distortion : 0.2% to 99.9%.
  • Noise : Variable better than 75dB below M. O. L at most settings
  • input Impedance : 30k
  • Output Impedance : 2.5k ohm (should ideally drive a 10k input impedance )
  • Frequency response : 1dB variation over 10Hz to 25kHz ( actually +/- 1.75dB over 50Hz to 15kHz at low distortion )
Manufacturer Thermionic
Model Thermionic Culture Culture Vulture - Mastering
Thermionic Culture Culture Vulture - Mastering
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