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Telefunken DD4 - 4 Mic Drum Pack

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Telefunken DD4 - 4 Mic Drum Pack

  • Telefunken DD4 - 4 Mic Drum Pack
  • Telefunken DD4 Microphones

Telefunken DD4 - 4 Mic Drum Pack

The Telefunken DD4 4 Piece Drum Microphone Pack includes 1 kick drum microphone, 1 snare drum microphone and 2 tom microphones to provide a complete recording/live solution for your 4 piece drum kit.

The Telefunken M82 is a dynamic kick drum microphone that features an oversized 1.37" moving-coil diaphragm that delivers an excellent low frequency response. Although the M82 has been designed for kick drum micing is also a great choice for bass guitar cabinets and voice-over work. To further expand the M82's versatility there's a switch-able Kick EQ filter and a separate switch-able High Boost function on board, giving you four distinct sounds in one excellent microphone.

The Telefunken M80SHB is a dynamic snare drum microphone that offers a slight high frequency boost and condenser-like wide frequency response with a tight cardioid pattern to eliminate bleed between drums as much as possible for a cleaner sound.

The Telefunken M81SH is a dynamic microphone designed for use with toms and mainly shares the same characteristics as the Telefunken M80SHB but with a drop in high frequencies for better low mid definition.

The Telefunken DD4 pack also includes 4 high quality 5 meter XLR cables with right angle female connector and the Telefunken FC80 rugged flight case for storing and travelling with your microphones.

DD4 Drum Microphone Set includes:

  • 1x M82 with M782 mount
  • 1x M80-SHB with M784 (metal) and M785 (plastic) mount
  • 2x M81-SH with M784 (metal) and M785 (plastic) mount
  • 4x SGMC-5R five-meter XLR with right angle female connector
  • 1x FC80 Hard Shell Flight Case

Telefunken DD4 Drum Microphone Set Features:

  • A perfect package of microphones for your 4-piece drum kit
  • Great for studio or live use
  • M82 provides four amazing kick drum tones in a single dynamic microphone
  • M80-SH offers condenser-like performance that's perfect for capturing snare drum
  • M81-SH features a flat frequency response and does an amazing job handling the low-frequency fundamentals of toms
  • Four 16.4' XLR mic cables with right-angle female connectors make positioning microphones around your kit easy
  • Includes an extremely tough FC80 hardshell flight case plus drum mounts for all mics
Manufacturer Telefunken
Model Telefunken DD4 - 4 Mic Drum Pack
Telefunken DD4 - 4 Mic Drum Pack
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