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TC Helicon VoiceTone Correct

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  • TC Helicon VoiceTone Correct

Ever noticed as a singer you seldom have control of the sound system and system and often have no sound engineer to help you get a great live vocal sound? VoiceTone Correct will finally satisfy your quest for great live vocal sound. It combines pitch correction with tone and dynamic shaping that put a recorded gloss on live singing.

An incredible amount of live sound research was undertaken in designing Correct, just so that you can trust it as a capable and reliable sound engineer.

Many audience members, band members and sound engineers may be surprised to see a singer taking control over their sound. We think it's about time!

Take Control with Live Engineer Effects
Correct listens to your voice and adjusts your tone and dynamics automatically to produce studio quality vocal tone that you and your audience will appreciate. It's like having an experienced and trusted sound engineer using the industry techniques of multiband EQ, compression and de-essing for you, so you get the best sound with the least amount of effort.

Real-time Tuning Guide with Pitch Correction
The auto-chromatic pitch correction helps you sing more in tune, much like a metronome helps for playing in time. It's like singing with a singer who has perfect pitch. This lets you know when you're out of tune and you naturally decide to correct yourself, or not.

Enjoy Complete Quality
Quality can be witnessed in every aspect of VoiceTone design. Studio caliber audio algorithms, transparent converters and fastidious analog audio design lead to a smooth sound that makes you want to sing your best while your fans get, well, fanatic. It just wouldn't be enough to make products that sound this good without making sure they stand up to the rough treatment they're going to get onstage or kicking around a rehearsal room floor.

TC VoiceTone Correct Features

Pitch Correction

  • Auto-chromatic pitch correction acts as a guide for you to improve your pitch
  • Accurate input pitch and correction display
  • correction can go to monitors, mains or both

Live Engineer effects (LE effects)

  • Adjustable Adaptive Compression
  • Multiband Adaptive Shape EQ dynamically sweetens raw mic sound
  • Sibilance-smoothing de-ess algorithm
  • Add rich lows on deep voices with the Warmth button
  • XLR mic level I/O
  • Clean, studio quality mic preamp with phantom power
Manufacturer TC Electronic
TC Electronic
TC Electronic
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