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Steinberg UR-22 Production Studio - USB Audio Interface with SE Microphone Bundle - Discontinued

This product is now discontinued

Steinberg UR-22 Production Studio

  • Steinberg UR-22 Production Studio
  • Steinberg UR-22 Production Studio
  • Steinberg UR-22
  • Steinberg UR-22
  • Steinberg UR-22 Rear

Steinberg UR-22 Production Studio

The Steinberg UR22 Production Studio represents the perfect top-quality product bundle at an attractive price. The UR22 Production Studio combines a two-channel audio interface, a studio condenser microphone with shock mount and pop filter with a comprehensive software set. All this at top quality and at an unbeatable price point.

Steinberg UR-22 Production Studio includes:

  • UR22 2x2 USB audio interface
  • Cubase Elements 7 music production system
  • WaveLab LE 8 audio editing and mastering software
  • Magneto Condenser Microphone
  • Isolation Pack
  • 3m XLR microphone cable

UR22 audio interface - 2 x 2 USB Audio Interface with 2 x D-PRE and 192 kHz support

Pure sound wherever inspiration strikes. The UR22 is a tour-tested USB audio and MIDI interface that highlights two of Yamaha’s D-PRE microphone preamps, cutting-edge 24- bit/192kHz converters and an all-metal housing that is made to last. Powered entirely via USB, the compact 2-in/2-out device features a high-impedance input for connecting directly to electric or bass guitars plus zero-latency hardware monitoring for convenient recording. A separate headphones jack with dedicated volume control and switchable +48 V phantom power make this interface the number one choice for part-time producers, mobile musicians and everyone in between. 

Key Features

  • 24-bit/192 kHz USB 2.0 audio interface with two analog I/O and MIDI I/O
  • Two Class-A D-PRE mic preamps supporting +48 V phantom power and one Hi-Z
  • Rugged full-metal casing for ultimate durability
  • Latency-free hardware monitoring with Mix knob and individual headphones output
  • Cross-platform compatibility with major recording software applications and best performance with Cubase

Cubase Elements 7 - Personal music production system

Cubase Elements 7 turns your computer into a complete multitrack production system for recording, editing and mixing audio and MIDI tracks. Its collection of quality instruments, effect processors and many helpful tools include the brand-new MixConsole with built-in channel strip processing modules, a global Chord Track for easy chord management and Hermode tuning. Other highlights are HALion Sonic SE featuring fresh instrument sounds, the acclaimed VST Amp Rack guitar tone suite, Pitch Correct and Groove Agent ONE for producing beats and rhythms. With its array of new features and enhancements Cubase Elements 7 welcomes you to the exciting world of Cubase.

  • Personal music production system, offering a set of streamlined audio/MIDI recording, editing, scoring and mixing tools
  • Supports 64 MIDI and 48 simultaneous audio tracks with up to 24-bit/192 kHz
  • Includes outstanding virtual instruments: HALion Sonic SE workstation, MPC-style Groove Agent ONE drum machine, Prologue synthesizer
  • Comes ready with 44 audio effect processors, including Pitch Correct for vocal intonation correction, MorphFilter and the extraordinary VST Amp Rack guitar tone suite.
  • Cross-platform 32-/64-bit for Windows and OS X

WaveLab LE - Audio editing and mastering software

WaveLab LE 8 raises the level of your audio productions yet again featuring many functions that improve and speed up the whole audio editing process. Next to a new Master Transport Panel that lets you move throughout the project with unmatched speed, WaveLab LE 8 comes with high-resolution zoom functions for more precise editing operations as well as enhanced marker functions for better project organization. To facilitate the workflow, WaveLab LE 8 incorporates enhanced render-in-place commands as well as a renewed user interface and new recording options.

  • Based on the world’s leading mastering solutions, WaveLab 8 and WaveLab Elements 8
  • Powerful realtime audio engine and two simultaneous audio tracks with up to 96 kHz and 32-bit floating-point resolution
  • Workspaces based on flexible window architecture and renewed graphical user interface for more convenient operation
  • New high-resolution zoom functions for more precise editing operations
  • High-quality plug-ins plus many other audio processors
  • Cross-platform 32-/64-bit for Windows and OS X

sE Electronics Magneto - Studio condenser microphone 

The sE Electronics Magneto condenser microphone brings the rich heritage of high quality studio mics within reach for musicians on a budget. Magneto has been designed from the ground up to offer excellent performance specifications, producing outstanding results at its price point for recording vocals and acoustic instruments alike.

Magneto will look sleek and professional in any studio setting, and includes a swivel mic clip and thread adaptor as standard, with the sE Isolation Pack available as an optional extra for your Magneto.

With specifications living up to today’s most demanding studio environments, a very linear 20 Hz – 20,000 Hz frequency response, a high max SPL (140 dB Max for 0.5% THD at 1,000 Hz) and high-sensitivity level, the sE Electronics Magneto studio condenser microphone is the obvious choice for anyone who needs a high-quality microphone with an entry-level price- tag.

sE Isolation Pack - Shock mount and pop filter set

The Isolation Pack is an essential accessory package for anyone wishing to record vocals and consists of a shock mount and an integrated pop shield. The new quick-release shock mount is designed specifically for the Magneto. Along with the shock mount comes an integrated, height adjustable pop shield with a quick release mechanism for instrument mic’ing. The Pop Shield is an essential part of any vocal recording set- up, the pop shield is made from metal as oppose to the usual fabric shield, creating a much more durable product which is built to last.

Microphone Cable

The UR22 Production Studio comes with a professional mic cable, 3 meters long and shielded for a better signal path.

Manufacturer Steinberg
Model 45851
GTIN 4018271458518
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