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Standard Audio Level-Or - 500-Series JFET Limiter/Distortion Processor

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Standard Audio Level-Or

  • Standard Audio Level-Or

Standard Audio Level-Or - 500-Series JFET Limiter/Distortion Processor

The Standard Audio Level-Or is a 500-Series JFET Limiter/distortion processor that is capable of extreme pumping, distortion and a very aggressive sound. 

In "Level" mode, the Level-Or acts very much like the Level-Loc. An additional, faster release time has been added for even more flexibility and a broader range of compressed sounds.

In "Crunch" mode, the Level-Or sets itself apart from anything else like it. By sweeping the input level over the range provided, a huge palette of sounds can be reached from slight harmonic enhancement, to aggressive crunch, to buzz-saw like distortion, to complete and utter destruction of the original source material. 

Between the two modes the Level-Or is capable of generating a wide variety of sounds but it particularly shines on drum loops, drum rooms and adding grit to bass guitar.

Standard Audio Level-Or Features:

  • Transformer balanced input
  • Electronically balanced, line level output stage capable of driving balanced loads as low as 600 ohm
  • Two modes of operation:
  • Level – Sound of unit is dominated by JFET limiter
  • Crunch – Sound of unit is dominated by harmonic distortion from the discrete transistor-based, Class A amplification stages
  • Additional release time added that is twice as fast as original release
  • Output level control to enable the input of the Level-Or to be driven hard without clipping the device that the Level-Or is driving (DAW input, Tape Machine, Console Line Amplifier, etc)
  • Fast / Slow - (Level Mode only) Switches between slow (same as original Level-Loc release) and fast release times
  • ¼" line input on front panel
  • Hand wired and assembled in the USA
Manufacturer Standard Audio
Model Standard Audio Level-Or
Standard Audio
Standard Audio
Standard Audio Level-Or
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