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SSL AWS9000 SE - Solid State Logic Superanalogue Studio Mixing Console - Discontinued

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  • SSL AWS9000 SE - Solid State Logic Superanalogue Studio Mixing Console - Discontinued

The AWS 900+ SE is the latest incarnation of the popular compact Solid State Logic Superanalogue console. With over 400 consoles sold to date the AWS has redefined the analogue console paradigm. By combining a traditional world class analogue production console with a comprehensive DAW controller within a single product, SSL has shaped expectations for session workflow within today's and indeed tomorrows' production environments.

Already used by leading international recording artists, producers and engineers, the AWS has now undergone an exciting upgrade and is now in its 3rd incarnation, the AWS 900+ SE. This new SE version introduces the 'Logictivity Browser' concept first seen on the larger format SSL Duality console. This allows the AWS to connect via a standard Ethernet connection.

The Browser software is a simple Java application that runs on both Mac and PC. Currently supported functionality includes the saving, naming and restoration of Total Recall and AWSomation data (previously done via MIDI SYSEX), the ability to add names to the Channels' scribble strips, and a number of other studio session project management tools. Archived console data can be treated as standard computer data and sent via email, transferred to a USB stick, etc. greatly simplifying data exchange between sessions.

A further advantage of a direct console computer Ethernet connection, is that now all MIDI data is passed through Ethernet rather than traditional 5 pin MIDI cabling. This greatly simplifies installation and set up, removes the need for an external MIDI interface and provides a tighter integration with your chosen DAW. Furthermore all future console software updates will take place via Ethernet, thus significantly improving the speed of AWS console software upgrades.

Other new features in the AWS 900+ SE include AUTOCUE functionality, MONITOR VOLUME POT CALIBRATION, SOLO ISOLATE, the ability to control two DAWS simultaneously, addition of SOFT BOOT power cycling. Already established features of the AWS include ultra clean SuperAnalogue mic pre's, precise twin curve E+G Eq, classic SSL Dynamics processing, 5.1 Mixing and Monitoring, motorised faders, and established analogue sound to bring a difference to your digital audio.

The AWS allows you take command of the modern studio by fully integrating traditional analogue signals with all inclusive DAW mastery. All existing AWS 900 and AWS 900+ consoles can be benefit from the feature set of the AWS 900+SE, by the purchase on an upgrade kit available January 2009. The AWS 900+ SE Upgrade will be sold through SSL Console Distributors. To locate your local SSL Console Distributor

SSL AWS900 SE Features

  • Unified SSL console and DAW controller
  • Classic SSL SuperAnalogue signal path
  • Comprehensive control of DAW recording, Editing and Mixing
  • Motorised fader mix automation, AWSomation
  • SSL's unique trademarked TOTAL RECALL system
  • 5.1, Stereo or Mono Outputs
  • Full 5.1 monitoring including in-depth calibration
  • MIDI via Ethernet for DAW connectivity
  • LOGICTIVITY browser for Session management
Manufacturer SSL
Model SSSLAWS900
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