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Source Elements apt-X Option for Source Connect Pro

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  • Source Elements apt-X Option for Source Connect Pro

Enhanced apt-X option for Source-Connect Pro. With this option, owners of Source-Connect Pro can send using the Enhanced apt-X codec. The Enhanced apt-X codec has a long history of use in the broadcast, film and music industry and has gained many fans over the years.

The Enhanced apt-X algorithm compared to the default AAC codec

  • Extremely fast encode/decode latency of 2ms compared to the 20-40ms encode decode latency of AAC.
  • Based on an ADPCM topology instead of a perceptual model.
  • Resilient to cascading of multiple encode and decode cycles.
  • 24bit 20hz-20khz compared to 32bit 20hz-20khz
  • 192kbps mono compared to 96-160kbps mono

apt-X Specifications

  • Connection using the Enhanced apt-X codec option will typically display 40-80ms less latency then those connections using the default AAC codec. Note total latency is equal to the sum of the codec latency, plus the total internet latency, plus the size of the jitter buffer in Source-Connect Pro.
  • The bandwidth requirements for the Enhanced apt-X option's use are higher than the requirements for the AAC codec due to its higher data rate. Source Elements therefore recommend a minimum of 600kbps upload and download for mono Enhanced apt-X connections and 1Mbps for stereo Enhanced apt-X connections. When being used over the public internet, higher receive buffer settings are often required to help with the higher data rate of the Enhanced apt-X option.
  • Remote Transport Sync features are fully compatible with the use of the Enhanced apt-X option.

apt-X Compatibility

  • apt-X Enhanced is only available for Pro Tools 7 users
  • All updated versions of Source-Connect Pro (2.5.2) are able to receive an Enhanced apt-X stream.
  • Only users who have purchased the Enhanced apt-X option for Source-Connect Pro will be able to send using the Enhanced apt-X codec.
  • Source-Connect Standard is not compatible with the Enhanced apt-X option. If a Source-Connect Pro plug-in attempts to send a Source-Connect Standard plug-in an Enhanced apt-X stream the sending stream will automatically be set to AAC 96kbps mono or AAC 192kbps stereo.
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