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Sony C-800G Studio Tube Condenser Microphone PAC

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Sony C-800G Studio Tube Condenser Microphone PAC

  • Sony C-800G Studio Tube Condenser Microphone PAC
  • Sony C-800G Studio Tube Condenser Microphone PAC Side

Sony C-800G Studio Tube Condenser Microphone PAC

The Sony C-800G condenser microphone is designed to be the definitive vocal recording device with the ability to provide full dynamic range, yet reproduce delicate and subtle nuances of sound,even at high levels. Designed for the highest possible sound reproduction quality, this microphone is ideal for critical vocal recording in recording studios and film postproduction houses.

Utilizing a vacuum tube selected for optimum sonic quality and an innovative cooling system,the C-800G microphone delivers a warm,natural,rich and powerful but delicate sound with low noise and minimum distortion.

The superbly natural sound of the C-800G microphone will meet the most critical expectations of all professionals working in the demanding fields of recording and production. For engineers seeking the ultimate in sound quality,this microphone is the premier choice

Sony C-800G Features

The Ultimate in Sound Quality
The use of a rigorously selected vacuum tube gives the C800G microphone its superb sonic quality, particularly at high frequencies and with exceptionally low noise levels.With a wide dynamic range and the ability to resolve subtle sound detail, the sonic quality is expressed as rich, natural and sensitive with an outstanding response to fast transients.

Critical Vocal Recordings
The C-800G microphone is particularly suitable for critical vocal recording in recording studios and film and video postproduction houses, where sound clarity and nuance are essential.

High Sensitivity
With a high sensitivity of -28dB/Pa, the C-800G microphone can capture subtle nuances at high frequencies with low noise levels and minimum distortion.

Advanced Cooling System
The C-800G is the first microphone in the world to incorporate a built-in thermoelectric cooling system employing a semiconductor device, heat pipe and heat sink, which greatly contribute to the low noise and low distortion characteristics.

Noise Elimination Construction
The C-800G microphone incorporates a two-part aluminum body that effectively helps to prevent acoustic vibration from reaching the microphone capsule, resulting in clarity of reproduction.

Selectable Directivity
The C-800G provides electronically selectable directivity, either omnidirectional or uni-directional, for maximum flexibility and control over pickup angle.


  • Capsule type: Condenser
  • Vacuum tube: 6AU6A
  • Frequency response: 20 Hz to 18.000 kHz
  • Directivity: Uni-directional/Omni-directional
  • Output impedance at 1 kHz: 100 Ω ±20% balanced
  • Sensitivity at 1 kHz: (Uni) -32.0dB/Pa - (Omni) -35.0dB/Pa
  • Signal-to-noise ratio (1 kHz, 1 Pa IEC 651,A-weighted): (Uni) 76dB or more - (Omni) 73dB or more
  • Inherent noise (IEC 651,A-weighted): (Uni) Less than 18dBSPL - (Omni) Less than 21dBSPL
  • Max. input sound pressure level (1 kHz 1% distortion): (Uni) 131dB SPL (71 Pa) - (Omni) 134dB SPL (100 Pa)
  • Dynamic range: 113dB or more
  • Power requirements: AC120V, 50/60Hz (AC-MC800G) AC 120V,50/60Hz (AC-MC800G)
  • Power consumption: (AC-MC800G) 35W Approx. 65 W
  • Dimensions: 2 1/4 dia.x 7 5/8 x 9 3/8 inches (57 dia.x 191 x 237 mm) 8 1/2 x 4 1/4 x 12 inches (214 x 105 x 306 mm)
  • Weight (approx.): 1 lb 16 oz (900 g) 11 lb 14 oz (5.4 kg)
  • Microphone connector: MIC output; JR16RK-7P type
  • Supplied accessories:
    • Wind screen (1)
    • Cradle suspension (1)
    • Stand screw adator (PF1/2 to NS5/8) (1)
    • Stand screw adaptor (PF1/2 to W3/8) (1)
    • Mic cable (8m, JIS CNR-01 type, 7-pin) (1)
    • Carrying case (1)
    • G sticker (1)
    • Frequency response chart (2)
    • AC-MC800G (AC Power Supply Unit)
Manufacturer Sony
Model C-800G
GTIN 0027242708327
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