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Serpent Audio Send 'n Blend- 500-Series Wet/Dry Mix

£448.99 £374.16 (ex. vat)

Serpent Audio Send 'n Blend

  • Serpent Audio Send 'n Blend

Serpent Audio Send 'n Blend- 500-Series Wet/Dry Mix

The Serpent Audio Send N' Blend is a 500 series module that enables the ability to add a mix/blend function to any piece of outboard gear. This allows for out of the box parallel processing such as parallel compression (new york compression) which is often used to add thump to drums but the Send N' Blend can be used anywhere where the combination of two signals is desired.

The Serpent Audio Send N' Blend features USA hand made build quality and premium components at an affordable price point.

Serpent Audio Send 'n Blend Features:

  • Utilizes same core audio path as the SB4001®
  • Three Way Hard Bypass (Wet/Dry/Blend) (Relay Controlled)
  • Radial Omniport Rear Panel Connectivity
  • Steel Housing Construction
  • Premium Sealed Alps Potentiometer
  • Protection from 48V Phantom Power
  • PCX Power Monitoring*
  • VPR Compliant (65mA total power consumption)
  • Made In The USA
Manufacturer Serpent Audio
Model Serpent Audio Send 'n Blend
Serpent Audio
Serpent Audio
Serpent Audio Send 'n Blend
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