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Serpent Audio Chimera - 500-Series LA-3A Style Compressor

£1,198.99 £999.16 (ex. vat)

Serpent Audio Chimera Front

  • Serpent Audio Chimera Front
  • Serpent Audio Chimera Side

Serpent Audio Chimera - 500-Series LA-3A Style Compressor

The Serpent Chimera is a replication of the classic and highly sought after LA3A opto compressor but in a 500 series format for the first time. The Chimera features a discrete circuit design and class AB transistor output and transformer balanced input and output. The Serpent Chimera delivers smooth, rich and thick style opto compression that so many engineers pursue.

There has been zero compromise from the design stage to the components used in the Chimera and it has been made in the USA to the highest of production standards.

Serpent Audio Chimera Features:

  • All Discrete Transistor Design
  • Transformer Balanced Input & Output
  • True T4B Optical Cell (User Replaceable/Upgradable)
  • Cinemag Input Transformer
  • Custom Wound Output Transformer (Made to Original Specifications)
  • Full Steel Enclosure & Cover (for maximum signal shielding)
  • Infamous "Mod" Incorporated
  • Hard Bypass (Relay Controlled)
  • Stereo Linkable
  • HF Sidechain Boost (for De-Essing)
  • Compress/Limit Mode -Sealed Pots
  • Sifam VU Meter -PCX Power Monitoring*
  • VPR Compliant (100mA total power consumption)
  • Made In The USA
Manufacturer Serpent Audio
Model Serpent Audio Chimera
Serpent Audio
Serpent Audio
Serpent Audio Chimera
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