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  1. Lexicon PCM92 Rear

    Lexicon PCM92 - Studio Standard/Live Sound Reverb and Effects Processor

    The Lexicon PCM92 is designed to bring the highest level of sonic quality and function to all of your audio applications, the PCM92 will take center stage in your Front-of-House rack as well as your recording suite it also includes the finest collect...

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  2. Allen & Heath WZ4 14:4:2 Front Angled

    Allen & Heath WZ4 14:4:2 Wizard 4 14:4:2 - Pro RM Mixer with 14 inputs, 4 Audio Groups (FOH/Monitors)

    The Allen & Heath Wizard 4 is a high quality 10 mono input and 2 stereo input mixer that delivers superb audio quality. Each channel of audio features Allen and Heath's fantastic 4 band equaliser with 2 sweep-able mid frequencies, 6 aux sends,12 segm...
    £1,050.00 (inc. vat)
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2 Item(s)