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Rycote WS2 (010602) Windshield 2 Standard Mono Modular Windshield

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Rycote WS2 Windshield 2

  • Rycote WS2 Windshield 2

Rycote WS2 (010602) Windshield 2 Standard Mono Modular Windshield

The Rycote Modular Windshield 2  is designed to work with the Modular Suspension, and forms an integral part of the Modular Windshield Kit. The Windshield is a lightweight, durable basket made from flexible grey plastic netting with a screening material attached. The windshield slides on to the Modular Suspension surrounding the whole microphone, connector and suspension. This system creates a still volume of air around the microphone, which provides excellent wind-noise reduction of up to 30dB, including minimal High-Frequency loss.

A Modular Windshield is comprised of: A Windshield body, two end caps, and in some cases extension pieces. The twist and turn locking end caps provide easy, secure and rattle-free on both ends of the windshield. Both end caps can now be removed, facilitating easier placement of the microphone inside the basket. The modular nature allows the fitting of extension pieces which extends the length of the windshield so that several microphones can be used by one kit. For example, a Windshield 5 is comprised of a Windshield 4 Body, an Extension 1 and two end caps, if necessary it can be used as a Windshield 4, by removing the extension piece.

To achieve maximum protection of up to 50dB, a (fur cover) can be used over the Windshield. Windshields are available in two types, this page refers to 'Mono' windshields which are designed to hold one microphone, and have a diameter of 100mm. 'Stereo' windshields have a larger diameter of 140mm, which fit stereo suspensions designed to hold two microphones.


  • Suitable for microphones from 121mm up to 160mm in length.
  • Windshield Height: 100mm
  • Windshield Body Length: 210mm
  • Total Windshield Length (inc end caps): 320mm


  • AKG CK 1 451 
  • AKG CK 1 460 
  • AKG CK 91 SE300 B 
  • AKG CK 92 SE300 B 
  • AKG CK 93 SE300 B 
  • Audio-Technica AT 4021 
  • Audio-Technica ATM 33a 
  • BeyerDynamic M 160 
  • BeyerDynamic M 201 
  • BeyerDynamic M 88 
  • BeyerDynamic MC 713
  • BeyerDynamic MC 723 
  • DPA 4006 
  • Sennheiser MKH 20 
  • Sennheiser MKH 30
Manufacturer Rycote
SKU SRYC010602
Model 010602
GTIN 5060223652269
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