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Rycote 18cm Super-Softie Windshield (19/22) (033203)

£96.90 £80.75 (ex. vat)

Rycote 18cm Super-Softie Windshield (19/22) (033203)

  • Rycote 18cm Super-Softie Windshield (19/22) (033203)
  • Rycote 18cm Super-Softie Windshield (19/22) (033203)
  • Rycote 18cm Super-Softie Windshield (19/22) (033203)

Rycote 18cm Super-Softie Windshield featuring 3D-Tex (19/22) (033203)

The Rycote 18cm Super-Softie is a completely new approach to the slip-on windshield.
Unlike conventional slip-on fur windshields, the Super-Softie sports a unique aerodynamic shape with specially designed 3D-Tex® material. This introduces a new level of wind performance reduction with unparalleled durability, ease of maintenance and long-term reliability.

The shape & structure of the Super-Softie® improves upon standard slip-on windshield designs with an entirely new shape and structure. Superb wind attenuation performance along with improved attenuation with extreme low-frequencies and infrasonic frequencies protects captured audio where wind noise is at its greatest.

Featuring 3D-Tex®

The Super-Softie windshield is designed with 3D-Tex®, a specially designed new material for Rycote which combines enhanced acoustic transparency with outstanding attenuation of wind noise. With its open-cell foam design with no rigid internal chassis, it yields virtually no polar pattern distortion. Extremely robust, the Super-Softie will sustain excellent performance for years of dedicated use in challenging environments such as news-gathering.

Rycote 18cm Super-Softie Specifications:

Weight & Dimensions

  • Suitable for: Mics 19/22mm
  • Internal bore length: 180mm
  • Overall Length: 240mm
  • Min. Diameter: 70mm
  • Max. Diameter: 100mm
  • Net Weight: 105 gram

Microphone Compatibility

  • AKG: C 568 EB, CK 68 ULS C460B Full + RED
  • Beyer Dynamic: MCE 86 N (C) S, MCE 87vs
  • RODE: NTG-3
  • Sanken: CS-3e
  • Sennheiser: ME 66 K6, ME 80 K3U, MKH 416, MKH 418
  • Sony: ECM 670, ECM 678, ECM 680S
Manufacturer Rycote
SKU SRYC033203
Model 18cm Super Softie
18cm Super Softie
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