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Roland S-4000M - REAC Merge Unit

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Roland S-4000M - REAC Merge Unit

  • Roland S-4000M - REAC Merge Unit
  • Roland S-4000M - REAC Merge Unit
  • Roland S-4000M Rear

The Roland S-4000M allows you to merge up to 4 REAC devices whilst powering them and assigning channel with the auto map function.

Enable new Digital Snake possibilities by merging up to four REAC devices.
Patch input and output assignments using PC software or the M-400/M-380 V-Mixer. Automatically assign input channels using the Auto Map feature.

Merge up to four REAC devices together.
The S-4000M merges up to four Digital Snake heads, such as the S-0808, S-1608 and S-4000 series, and merges the input/output to a single REAC signal .Ports 1 to 4 supply REAC embedde d power to compatible product such
as the S-0808. The intelligent Auto Map function assigns input channels automatically. REAC master devices recognize the S-4000M as a single REAC slave unit even when multiple digital snake heads are connected.

Distribute outputs to multiple devices.
The S-4000M also serves as a distributor of outputs and/or splitter. Any inputs returning from Port A (Master) are distributed to the outputs depending on the devices connected. When S-0808s are connected, specific output assignments can be set.

Configure Routing from a PC or V-Mixer.
The M-400/M380 V-Mixer or dedicated PC Remote Control Software (S-4000RCS) configures routing, input gain, PAD and phantom power.

Roland S-4000M features

  • Merge up to 4 REAC devices into a single REAC stream
  • Power REAC devices supporting embedded power
  • Assign channels automatically with auto map function
Manufacturer Roland
Model Roland S-4000M
Roland S-4000M
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