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Roland M-480 - V-Mixing System Bundle - M480-DISR

£15,000.00 £12,500.00 (ex. vat)

Roland M-480 - V-Mixing System Bundle - M480-DISR

  • Roland M-480 - V-Mixing System Bundle - M480-DISR
  • Roland M-480 - V-Mixing System Bundle - M480-DISR - Diagram

The Roland M-480-DISR V-Mixing System Bundle is a 40x16 Digital Mixing system with Distributed I/O and 48 Channel Playback/Recording

This configuration delivers up to 40 inputs and 16 outputs across distributed input and output boxes. Put one of the 16x8 inputs at the front of house location to handle more wireless inputs beyond the eight on the back of the console. With the merge unit you can put a snake head at two different locations with the S-0808 in particular being powered over the Cat5e/6 cable so no need for AC power. It also includes ability to use up to 48 channels for instant playback and or to rehearse training exercises. This system consists of the M-480 4-Channel V-Mixer, a S-0808 and S-1608 distributed as sub snakes via the S-4000M Merge Unit, an additional S-1608 snake head along with the R-1000 for 48 channels of instant playback, virtual rehearsal, soundcheck, & recording.

Package Includes:

  • M-480 V-Mixer
  • 2 x S-1608 Digital Snake
  • S-0808 Digital Snake
  • S-4000M REAC Merge Unit
  • R-1000 48-Channel Recorder/Player

Main Features

  • 60 channels of digital mixing (48Ch plus 6 stereo returns)
  • 50 x 26 digital audio I/O and transport (40 x 16 remotely placed and controlled across three snake heads)
  • Place one snake head at FOH to expand number of inputs from 8 to 24 - e.g., wireless receivers
  • Use the other two snake heads around the stage including the S-0808 which is remotely powered
  • Hardware-based virtual rehearsal/playback and recording of up to 48 channels
  • Full control of all system components from V-Mixer interface as well as PC/Mac
Manufacturer Roland
Model Roland M480-DISR
Roland M480-DISR
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