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Rane MP2015 - Rotary DJ Mixer

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Rane MP2015 - Rotary DJ Mixer Top

  • Rane MP2015 - Rotary DJ Mixer Top
  • Rane MP2015 - Rotary DJ Mixer Front Angle
  • Rane MP2015 - Rotary DJ Mixer Front
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Rane MP2015 - Rotary DJ Mixer

The Rane MP2015 offers discerning DJs and high-end sound systems the perfect, high quality Rotary DJ Mixer experience with digital signal processing and dual 24 channel USB audio interfaces. A wide range of connectivity options are available covering both analog and digital I/O including phono (vinyl), Line (CD), S/PDIF and USB.

The modern DJ demands tools that expand their creative capabilities and the MP2015 doesn’t disappoint featuring 3-way swept filters, 3-band EQ on every channel and a unique 3-band 4th-order main mix isolator with adjustable crossover points. There’s also a Submix bus to enable multitrack mixing.

Rane claim that the MP2015 announces the arrival of the rotary mixer revival and we agree with them – the 2015 is a professional engineered mixer with a focus on the science of sound and it’s innovator features will surely guarantee its place in many DJ booths across the world.

 Rane MP2015 Features:

  • The MP2015 is designed for playback of High-Resolution Audio (HRA) 24-bit studio master quality sources.
  • The MP2015 sports a new compact size and shape for a rotary mixer.
  • The MP2015 uses premium performance Audio 4 Pro™ delta-sigma modulator converters by AKM that meet the highest sound quality standards.
  • Input and output converters support sample rates of 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, or 96 kHz.
  • Overall Digital/USB in to Line-out, or Line-in to Digital/USB out dynamic range is 116 dB (A-weighted).
  • Line-input to Line-output dynamic range is a remarkable 113 dB (A-weighted).
  • The Phono-CD (or any line-level source) analog input stages feature gold RCA connectors and are true studio-quality preamplifiers.
  • Each of the four Input channels and the Submix channel feature a unique and exclusive three-position toggle selector-switch.
  • All input channels and the Submix channel have exceptional three-band tone controls characterized by being 12 dB/octave (2nd-order) Linkwitz-Riley, full-cut filters (kill) with selectable crossover points of 150 Hz/6.0 kHz or 300 Hz/3.0 kHz.
  • Dual USB ports provide for simultaneous connection of two computers, enabling back-to-back sets between laptop DJs running different software without compromise or interruption.
Manufacturer Rane
Model Rane MP2015 - Rotary DJ Mixer
Rane MP2015 - Rotary DJ Mixer
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