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Rane G4 Quad Gate/Ducker/Expander (B-Stock)

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Rane G4 Quad Gate/Ducker/Expander (B-Stock) Front

  • Rane G4 Quad Gate/Ducker/Expander (B-Stock) Front
  • Rane G4 Quad Gate/Ducker/Expander (B-Stock) Rear

Rane G4 Quad Gate/Ducker/Expander (B-Stock)

The Rane G4 Quad Gate combines familiar front panel controls with the accuracy and performance of digital signal processing, Rane’s full-featured, high performance G4 Quad Gate is suitable for use in a variety of demanding dynamics processing applications. Gating, ducking and downward expansion modes are offered, together with internal high- and low-cut filters and external side-chain inputs. It is the ideal tool for front of house, monitor, instrument and voice processing, broadcast and recording.

Analog controls (knobs, sliders) allow a performer or sound engineer to make precise adjustments in real time. Digital signal processing (DSP) provides a degree of accuracy, consistency and flexibility that simply cannot be matched with a traditional analog design. The G4 combines the best of both worlds by using analog controls and high performance digital processing to achieve an unprecedented feature set. Benefits of this approach:

Rane G4 Quad Gate/Ducker/Expander Features:

  • Allows the use of advanced compression and dynamic EQ techniques which are difficult or costly to implement in traditional analog designs.
  • Improved accuracy and repeatability.
  • Exceptional immunity to RF and electromagnetic interference.
  • Lower cost per channel.
Manufacturer Rane
Model Rane G4 Quad Gate/Ducker/Expander (B-Stock)
Rane G4 Quad Gate/Ducker/Expander (B-Stock)
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