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Radial Engineering J-RAK 8 - 19" Rackmount for upto 8 devices

£127.50 £106.25 (ex. vat)

Radial Engineering J-RAK - 19' Rackmount for upto 8 devices

  • Radial Engineering J-RAK - 19' Rackmount for upto 8 devices

Radial Engineering J-RAK 8

The Radial J-Rak is a 2RU rack shelf that allows as many as 8 Radial direct boxes to be rack mounted. These can face forward (input at front) or backward (XLRs at front), active (J48) or passive (JDI) in any combination, depending on the system designer's preference. The J-Rak also fits the Radial X-amp re-amplifying device and future Radial interface products to come!

Stemming from the adage 'necessity is the Mother of invention', the J-Rak was invented, to provide sound companies with a simple yet very functional solution for DI inventory management. The problem is simple: During peak season, most sound companies must resort to cross-renting just to fill rider requests. Inevitably, they go to a warehouse looking for a stand-alone DI and find that all that is left on the shelf are a few old 4-channel rack units. Or conversely, they have a show going on the road that needs 12 rack-mounted DIs but the investment seems impractical.

All you do is take the book-end cover off the JDI or J48 and attach one of the 8 insert sleeves supplied with the J-Rak. These are then screwed into the J-Rak shelf from the top. The direct boxes can have the XLR facing either the front or the rear of the rack depending on the application; whether one is racking up DIs for keyboards, sound modules, computers or other sound sources

J RAK Features

  • The world's best DIs now in a high density rack
  • Mount up to 8 Radial DI's or splitters per 2RU space
  • Reconfigure for different combinations of in seconds
  • DI's can be front or rear mounted
  • Mix and match passive or active DI's or splitters
  • Total flexibility never before available in a rackmount DI
Manufacturer Radial Engineering
Model J-RAK8
Radial Engineering
Radial Engineering
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