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Prism Lyra-2 Stereo USB2 Recording Interface, 2-ch mic pre, 2 x Instrument

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Prism Lyra-2

  • Prism Lyra-2
  • Prism Lyra-2
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Prism Lyra-2

The Prism Lyra-2 is a high-end USB2.0 audio interface for Mac and PC featuring premium AD/DA, low-latency DSP driven monitoring, a dedicated headphone amp, two high-end microphone preamps and two high-impedance instrument input. 

The Lyra-2 has an extended feature set over the Lyra-1 featuring wordclock in and out, and digital I/O on RCA/phono and TOSLINK connectors. The RCA connectors can handle stereo S/PDIF, an if an RCA/XLR adapter is used, AES3 mode. The optical TOSLINK connector can handle either stereo S/PDIF or 8 channel ADAT.

Both input channels can be used as either mic, instrument or line inputs and there are 4 analogue line outputs for added monitoring flexibility.

The Prism Sound Lyra 2 features the same mic preamps found in the Prism Orpheus interface. These are software controlled  with 1dB gain steps, a 20dB pad and switchable phantom power.

The DSP driven mixer provides users with an ultra low-latency foldback allowing artists to perform without audible delays which can occur when monitoring the recording signal via the DAW.

For future compatibility an IEEE 802.1 network connection is included to allow the Lyra-2 to support AVB (Audio Video Bridging) for low-latency synchronised audio and video. AVB support will be included in a future firmware updates.

Prism Lyra-2 Features

  • Class compliant (UAC2) USB interface
  • ASIO and WDM drivers for Windows (32 and 64bit)
  • Native CORE AUDIO on Mac OS X
  • UAC2 operation on Linux (no control panel support)
  • Ethernet interface with low-latency AVB capability
  • Two Prism Sound premium-quality AD channels
    • Two high-end integrated microphone preamps (typ. -130dBu EIN)
    • Microphone inputs have switchable phantom power and 20dB pads
    • MS matrix on microphone inputs
    • Two high-impedance front panel instrument inputs
    • Prism Sound "Overkillers" to gracefully control transient overloads
  • Four Prism Sound premium-quality DA channels, plus independent stereo headphone DA
    • Outputs selectable between workstation bus or Lyra mixer
    • New high-drive headphone output with front-panel volume control
  • Digital I/O
    • S/PDIF on RCA/phono and TOSLINK connectors
    • S/PDIF stereo or ADAT 8 channel I/O supported on TOSLINK optical connectors
    • AES3 mode with I/O via RCA/XLR adaptor
    • Built in high-quality sample rate conversion
    • Prism Sound SNS noise shaping on digital outputs (4 curves)
    • Word-clock sync I/O
  • Low-latency "console-quality" digital mixer for foldback monitoring
    • Fader, pan, cut, solo on every mixer channel
  • Front-panel master volume control, assignable to selected channels
  • State-of-the-art clock generation with proprietary hybrid 2-stage DPLL
Manufacturer Prism
Model Prism Lyra-2
Prism Lyra-2
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