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Primacoustic Stratus Broadband Ceiling Cloud 24" x 48" x 2" - Single

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Primacoustic Stratus Broadband Ceiling Cloud - Black - Single

  • Primacoustic Stratus Broadband Ceiling Cloud - Black - Single

Primacoustic Stratus Broadband Ceiling Cloud 24" x 48" x 2" - Single

The Primacoustic Stratus is an acoustical device that suspends above the recording console to control early reflections, flutter echo and help eliminate standing waves that cause resonant peaks in the critical mix position. Once in place, you will immediately enjoy a more controlled and intimate acoustic environment, larger sweet spot and reduced ear fatigue.

Available in Beige, Black and Grey.

Attractive and very affordable, the Stratus ships in kit-form and is easily put together in minutes using a simple screw driver. The kit includes a 2" thick, 24" x 48" acoustic panel made from high density 6lb per cubic foot fiberglass and suspension hardware. The fiberglass is encapsulated in a micromesh and the edges are resin treated to retain the minute fibers. For an attractive appearance, the panel is covered in an acoustically transparent fabric.

The suspension hardware consists of two, light-weight, aluminum rails and "L" brackets that form a rigid frame around the panel. To hang the Stratus, simply attach the included picture wire to the frame. Hardware and fasteners for sheet-rock ceilings are included in the kit. Typically, the Stratus would be suspended above the console and clustered in an array of three to span the width of your console.

The Stratus absorbs sound energy by converting it to heat. Sound energy traveling via air vibrations penetrates the panel causing the minute glass fibers to vibrate and generate heat. This thermo-dynamic energy transfer effectively absorbs directional sound energy and prevents it from reflecting into the mix position.

By itself, the 2" thick fiberglass panel is 100% effective for frequencies between 400Hz and 20kHz see the acoustic absorption chart. To help control a broader frequency spectrum, the Stratus may be angled to vary the air space between the Stratus and the ceiling. This allows the backing surface to also absorb reflections off the ceiling.

Primacoustic Stratus Features

  • Suspends over the console or listening position
  • Attractive fabric wrapped high-density fiberglass panel
  • Easy to assemble suspension hardware
  • Eliminates floor to ceiling reflections

Primacoustic Stratus is a broadband absorber designed to be suspended above the listening position to control primary reflections.

The Stratus Cloud kit consists of a Primacoustic 24” x 48” Broadway panel and aluminum hardware for overhead suspension. The absorptive panel is made from 6 lbs. per cubic foot high-density encapsulated fiberglass. The aluminum hardware clamps onto the panel sides and provides four points to hang from.

The science is based on thermo-dynamic energy transfer, where sound penetrating the Stratus Cloud causes the glass fibers to vibrate which in turn, converts the acoustic energy into heat.

The Stratus Cloud Kit ships flat and final assemble is performed the end user. A screwdriver is the only tool required for assembly. Each kit contains the absorptive panel, aluminum side clamps and cross-bars. Assembly takes about 15 minutes from start to finish!

Manufacturer Primacoustic
Model Primacoustic Stratus Broadband Ceiling Cloud 24" x 48" x 2"
GTIN 0676101038787
Primacoustic Stratus Broadband Ceiling Cloud 24" x 48" x 2"
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