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Primacoustic Splashguard - Mic stand mounted instrument isolation

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Primacoustic Splashguard

  • Primacoustic Splashguard

Primacoustic Splashguard - Drum Mic Acoustic Shield

The Primacoustic Splash Guard is a unique acoustic microphone shield for further isolating microphones in noisy environments, say those placed on drum kits, to reduce spill.

The Splashguard works by shielding the rear and side of the capsule from ambient noise, while leaving the front and one side open of optimised pick-up of the source; perfect for optimising pick up of a snare while rejecting hi-hat noise for example. With high frequency spill from cymbals reduced, engineers can boost the highs of the drum for added attack without fear of accenting spill from the cymbals.

It mounts directly to the mic stand through the mic clip and is tough enough to withstand a high battering from heavy handed drummers and the opening at the rear is wide enough to allow movement and positioning between 90 degrees with a cable plugged in.

Please note: The SplashGuard is designed to fit traditional, pencil/cylindrical shaped microphones such as the Shure SM57, Audix i5 etc. It will not fit mics with specialist shock-mounts or those of odd shapes such as the Sennheiser MD241.


  • High density acoustic foam liner
  • High impact ABS outer shell
  • Innovative rear access cable port
  • Controls ambient space around the microphone
  • Can be used as either a gobo or a microphone shield
  • Delivers a cleaner, more articulated recording
  • Light-weight design is stable on all mic stands
  • Extension bar allows for different mic positions
  • Convenient size to fit between stringed instruments
  • Made from 75% recycled materials
  • Attaches to a mic stand using the supplied threaded mic stand adapter and knurled ring
  • Works with most microphones and stands
Manufacturer Primacoustic
Model Primacoustic Splashguard
Primacoustic Splashguard
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