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Primacoustic MaxTrap Broadband Corner Bass Trap - Single

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Primacoustic MaxTrap Broadband Corner Bass Trap Black Single

  • Primacoustic MaxTrap Broadband Corner Bass Trap Black Single

Primacoustic MaxTrap Broadband Corner Bass Trap

The Primacoustic MaxTrap is a great looking 24" x 48" broadband acoustical absorber designed specifically for use in corners to provide all important bass frequency control while simultaneously reducing mid and high frequency reflections. It is well documented that wall and ceiling planes tend to reflect and guide bass energy into corners. With this knowledge, acousticians almost always look at situating bass traps in corner joints where walls intersect.

Available in Beige, Black and Grey.

Working like a 3-way speaker in reverse, the MaxTrap employs three acoustic principles in one device: High frequencies are absorbed with a fabric covered 3" thick high-density fibreglass panel. Behind the panel is a 16" deep open air space to reduce low-mid and bass frequencies. Deep bass down to 65Hz is absorbed by a heavy, dead mass in the form of a diaphragmatic membrane. Powerful bass frequencies set the membrane into motion, converting sound energy into heat.

With MaxTraps mounted in your room, you will immediately enjoy tighter, more accurate bass, reduced flutter echo, and help eliminate troublesome standing waves that cause peaks and nulls. The listening "sweet spot" will enlarge and your recordings will better translate as you play them back in different rooms and audio playback systems.

Shipped flat in kit form to save freight, the MaxTrap features an easy to assemble black laminated wood frame. Assembly and installation will typically take less than 30 minutes per unit using regular household tools. The MaxTrap may be ordered in a choice of black, grey or beige panel fabric to suit most color schemes. For those with artist flare, a second fabric covering may be added without affecting the MaxTrap's performance

Primacoustic MaxTrap Features

  • Combination 3-way broadband corner trap 
  • High-density fiberglass panel with resonator membrane
  • Easy to assemble 24" x 48" flat pack wood frame
  • Effective from 65Hz and up

Primacoustic MaxTrap is a combination broadband absorber and bass trap that is corner-mounted to control excessive bass in a room. This is achieved by combining three acoustical principles into a single device.

  • To handle mid-range and upper frequencies, a 3" thick front absorptive panel made from 6 lbs. per cubic foot high-density encapsulated fiberglass is employed.
  • Behind the acoustic panel is a stretched diaphragmatic dense-mass membrane that acts as a low frequency resonator to absorb bass down to 65Hz.
  • Behind the membrane, an air cavity is created by the wood enclosure which serves to further attenuate bass in the troublesome 100Hz region.

The MaxTrap enclosure is made from MDF wood composite with a black, easy to clean melamine finish and ships flat to save freight. Final assembly is performed on site using a simple household screwdriver and building a MaxTrap takes about 15 minutes from start to finish!

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