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  1. Eventide Mixing Link

    Eventide Mixing Link - High-quality Mic Pre with Effects Loop

    The Eventide Mixing Link is a high-quality mic pre wih a built-in effects loop. Mixing Link allow vocalists to very conveniently plug dynamic and phantom-powered mics to Eventide (or other) guitar pedals, and use them on-stage and in the studio. Learn More
    £249.00 £207.50 (ex. vat)
  2. Chandler PSU-1 Power Supply

    Chandler PSU-1 - Power Supply

    The Chandler PSU-1 is a 1.5 amp universal power supply designed to support the TG, LTD, and Germanium product lines. The power requirements are 110~230 VAC, 50/60 Hz and power is outputted through a 4-pin XLR cable. Learn More
    £284.40 £237.00 (ex. vat)
  3. ART S8

    ART S8 - 8 x 16 Mic Signal Splitter with Direct and Transformer-isolated outputs

    The ART S8 can be used to split eight balanced low impedance microphone signals into sixteen balanced low impedance microphone signals (eight pairs). Learn More
    £253.50 £211.25 (ex. vat)
  4. Cloud Microphones Cloudlifter CL-1

    Cloud Microphones Cloudlifter CL-1 - Single channel phantom pwd pre-preamp proving 18dB gain

    Cloudlifter CL-1 Mic Activator is an easy to use, compact solution for common audio problems faced in the field and in the studio. Designed for all passive microphones – including ribbons- the CL-1 safely uses any standard phantom powered microphone input device to provide up to +25db of ultra-cle Learn More
    £162.00 £135.00 (ex. vat)
  5. Sherman Restyler

    Sherman Restyler - Discontinued

    The Rodec / Sherman Restyler is the result of great collaboration between two high-end analogue Belgian manufacturers! This unique masterpiece is no regular effects unit or filter bank ... it's a one of a kind "RESTYLER" Learn More
    This product is now discontinued
  6. Radial Engineering J-RAK - 19' Rackmount for upto 8 devices

    Radial Engineering J-RAK 8 - 19" Rackmount for upto 8 devices

    The Radial J-Rak is a 2RU rack shelf that allows as many as 8 Radial direct boxes to be rack mounted. These can face forward (input at front) or backward (XLRs at front), active (J48) or passive (JDI) in any combination, depending on the system designer's preference. The J-Rak also fits the Radia Learn More

    £127.50 £106.25 (ex. vat)
  7. Little Labs Redeye 3D Phantom

    Little Labs Redeye 3D Phantom - DI, Re-Amp, Expansion Splitter

    The Red Eye 3D phantom is the new improved major revision of the popular Little Labs Redeye direct box / re-amp box. More people are re-amping now than ever before, and we at Little Labs know re-amping! We made this new major Redeye revision because we wanted to make sure we continued to make the be Learn More
    £336.00 £280.00 (ex. vat)
  8. A-Design Atty - Passive Stereo Level Controller/Line Attenuator

    A-Design Atty - Passive Stereo Level Controller/Line Attenuator

    A-Design Atty is a passive two-channel line-level attenuator that has a totally transparent sound. The Atty is suitable for any world-class recording facility and can serve as a cost effective solution for many issues faced when working with hot output pre amplifiers which would normally clip conver Learn More
    £115.49 £96.24 (ex. vat)
  9. Radial Engineering J-RAK 4 - 19' Rackmount for upto 4 devices

    Radial Engineering J-RAK 4 - 19' Rackmount for upto 4 devices

    Designed to accommodate up to four (4) Radial standard format boxes, the Radial J-Rak 4 enables you to horizontally mount the devices in a single rack space (1.75"). Mounting is easy: simply unscrew the bookend outer shell and slide into place. Secure the Radial device using the supplied screws. Learn More
    £135.00 £112.50 (ex. vat)
  10. Dangerous Liaison

    Dangerous Music Liaison (DM18) 6 Ch Insert & Parallel Processor

    The Dangerous Music Liaison is a 2U programmable patch unit that you can store and recall complex analog patches that include up to six stereo or mono analog paths. This gives you the speed of digital plug-ins but with your analog rig. The programmable mapping allows you to try your favourite mix-bu Learn More
    £2,856.00 £2,380.00 (ex. vat)

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