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  1. Eventide Mixing Link

    Eventide Mixing Link - High-quality Mic Pre with Effects Loop

    The Eventide Mixing Link is a high-quality mic pre wih a built-in effects loop. Mixing Link allow vocalists to very conveniently plug dynamic and phantom-powered mics to Eventide (or other) guitar pedals, and use them on-stage and in the studio....
    £285.00 (inc. vat)
    £237.50 (ex. vat)

  2. Manley Massive Passive EQ Dual Channel

    Manley Massive Passive EQ Dual Channel

    2 Channel, 4Band Vacuum Tube EQ with All-Passive tone sculpting circuitry and Premium components throughout ...
    £4,620.00 (inc. vat)
    £3,850.00 (ex. vat)

  3. API The Channel Strip

    API The Channel Strip

    The Channel Strip from API combines four legendary API modules into a powerful, 1U channel strip. The Channel Strip includes a 512c mic pre, 527 compressor, 550A EQ and 325 Line Driver output level control....
    £2,999.00 (inc. vat)
    £2,499.17 (ex. vat)

  4. Thermionic Culture Culture Vulture

    Thermionic Culture Culture Vulture

    The Thermionic Culture Vulture is an outboard unit dedicated to just adding valve produced harmonic distortion to sounds, with no solid state components in the way. This unique unit has changed little since its introduction in 1998....
    £1,489.00 (inc. vat)
    £1,240.83 (ex. vat)

  5. Neve 1084 Classic Mono Module

    AMS Neve 1084 Classic Mono Module - Mic Pre, HF & LF Filter

    The Neve 1084 builds on the same basic design of the 1073 by offering a significantly different palette of frequency selections. The 1084 also features a "Q" switch, allowing the user to choose between two different Q types, either narrow or wide wi...
    £2,638.80 (inc. vat)
    £2,199.00 (ex. vat)

  6. Manley VARIABLE MU? Stereo Compressor Limiter

    Manley VARIABLE MU Stereo Compressor Limiter

    The Manley Variable MU Stereo Compressor Limiter is one of the very few compressors that has become a real standard in Mastering studios and contributed to most hit records over the last decade and probably the next. "Mu" is tube-speak for gain, and ...
    £3,540.00 (inc. vat)
    £2,950.00 (ex. vat)

  7. Warm Audio EQP-WA

    Warm Audio EQP-WA Tube EQ

    The Warm Audio EQP-WA is a careful recreation of the most renowned tube equaliser in studio history at an affordable price. The EQO-WA matches the look and feel of the classic Pultec unit but also has the same sonic quality thanks to its top-end comp...
    £739.00 (inc. vat)
    £615.83 (ex. vat)

  8. Moog The Ladder - 500-Series Filter Module

    Moog The Ladder - 500-Series Filter Module

    The Moog Ladder 500-Series is a Dynamic Transistor Ladder Filter that is based on Bob Moog's original ladder filter designs. Don't be fooled by its small size, The Ladder is a powerful and fantastic sound sculpting tool that allows for creative and u...
    £579.00 (inc. vat)
    £482.50 (ex. vat)

  9. Manley ELOP Electro-Optical Limiter Front

    Manley ELOP Electro-Optical Limiter

    The Manley ELOP Electro-Optical Limiter is designed to make your life easy - in signature Manley-quality fashion. Employing a similar principle as the older Teletronix and Urei LA-2A, LA-3, and LA-4 units, the Manley ELOP shines a Light Emitting Dioi...
    £2,259.29 (inc. vat)
    £1,882.74 (ex. vat)

  10. Rupert Neve Designs RND-5033-H - 5 Band EQ

    Rupert Neve Designs RND-5033-H - 5 Band EQ

    The Portico 5033 5-band EQ/high performance line driver is truly worthy of the name Rupert Neve Designs. Inside, you'll find the features and musicality you'd expect from Neve - and a significant amount of that magic comes from Mr. Rupert Neve's cust...
    £1,925.00 (inc. vat)
    £1,604.17 (ex. vat)

Set Ascending Direction

31-40 of 980