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Oram MWS - Microphone Workstation

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Oram MWS - Microphone Workstation

  • Oram MWS - Microphone Workstation

Oram MWS - Microphone Workstation

The Oram MWS Microphone Workstation functions as a dual mic/line pre with sonic eq that is totally musical and tuned by John Oram to amplify and equalize two individual (or one stereo) inputs. His long experience in the art of sonic reality enables you to control the audio path with precision. Each channel is identical and this brief description outlines the features available either side of the centerline marker.

The PHASE SWITCH inverts the signal phase by 180 degrees. The INPUT level control adjusts gain of line levels through to mic levels from a real unity to plus 70dB. Unity mode handles up to plus 22dB. The LOW FILTER is a musically steep roll-off smoothly adjustable from 5 to 200 Hertz, great for removing rumble and for tightening floppy kick-drums. The entire EQ may be bypassed with the EQ IN button, the led above shows when the eq is on. LOW is a shelf with switchable turnover at 80 & 150Hz, the button selects the frequency and the LOW control enables plus and minus 16dB of control. The small dot on the panel shows the relationship existing between these two functions. The LOW SWEEP is lined to associate with the LO-MID control and these functions combine to enable a bell shaped response to be added or taken away from the signal path and can be smoothly swept from 150 to 2000 Hertz with a control range of plus or minus 16dB. Below the LOW SWEEP control is an led and PHANTOM button that shows when plus 48 Volt has been placed on the input connectors for remote powering [phantom powering] of microphones.

The level meter shows the output level over a 27dB range, the maximum level of plus 12VU is well within the headroom capabilities of the channel. High levels and thus lower noise levels make MWS an amazingly quiet equalizer. The reference level is set for 0VU = +4dBu and is internally adjustable for other reference levels. The HI-MID is panel lined with the HIGH SWEEP giving similar control as the LO-MID from 1k5 to 15k. The HI-CUT inserts a musically steep roll-off throughout the audio path of the unit to remove line noise at high frequencies. Gradual reduction at 9kHz increasing with frequency to eliminate RFI and other high frequency objections.The HIGH control is linked to the button situated above and controls a shelf turning over at 8kHz and 12kHz.The vertical line on the panel is the centerline marker. The controls to the right of this line are identical to the above description.

The line power switch is located at the far right of all the controls. On the rear of the unit, the MWS MKII features two insert jacks for connection to outboard limiter compressors or for access to the output from the mic pre’s or to the inputs of the equalisers.

Mains line voltage can be switched from 110 volt to 230 volt using the rear mounted switch.

Manufacturer Oram
Model MWS
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