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Neumann SKM150 Stereo set containing 2 x KM 150 (Super-Cardioid) - Discontinued

This product is now discontinued

Neumann SKM150 Stereo set containing 2 x KM 150 (Super-Cardioid)

  • Neumann SKM150 Stereo set containing 2 x KM 150 (Super-Cardioid)
  • Neumann SKM 150 Boxed

Neumann SKM150 Stereo set containing 2 x KM 150 (Super-Cardioid)

The Neumann SKM 150 is stereo combination set for capturing in either X/Y or M/S configurations. The SKM150 set consists of two KM 100 phantom power supply / output stages and two AK 50 hyper-cardioid microphone elements. STH 100 stereo mount and dual windscreens are included and stored in a wooden jewelers case.

The KM 100 is powered via 48 Volt phantom power and is designed for quick connection to all compatible elements and accessories. The KM 100 uses transformer-less circuitry resulting in high output capability and low self-noise. The balanced XLR output is protected against radio frequency interference. The entire microphone circuitry is built into the capsule on a single hybrid module measuring 2cm in area. The result is a compact, interchangeable output stage providing pristine output signal without any coloration.

The AK 50 microphone element features a pressure gradient, single diaphragm transducer with a hyper-cardioid polar pattern. The hyper-cardioid polar pattern is highly effective in reducing off-axis ambiance and noise. Attenuation of sound from the side or rear is about 10dB with the least sensitivity at an angle of 120 degrees. This allows the element to be used in recording and sound reinforcement applications, in front of stage monitors or instrument miking.

Neumann SKM150 MS Features

  • Miniature microphones with 7 exchangeable capsules
  • Active capsules, detachable up to 50 m from the output stage
  • Great variability through capsule extensions and goosenecks
  • Switchable 10 dB preattenuation
  • Set includes windshield and microphone clamp
  • Transformerless circuitry
  • Extensive accessories

In The Box

  • 2 x Neumann KM 150
  • 2 x Connecting cables LC 3 KA
  • 1 x Stereo mount STH 110
  • Wooden box


  • As XY stereo pair
  • Overhead
  • Toms
  • In situations that are susceptible to acoustic feedback
  • To attenuate unwanted sound of nearby instruments
  • Recording of speech, as in TV, movie and video productions, PA systems
  • Produces especially warm and bass supporting sound for artists who perform in proximity effect range
  • We recommend using an additional windscreen to minimize the effects of high wind velocity, and plosive sounds

Neumann SKM150 Specifications

KM 150

  • Acoustical operating principle: Pressure gradient transducer
  • Directional pattern: Hypercardioid
  • Frequency range: 20 Hz - 20 kHz
  • Sensitivity at 1 kHz into 1 kohm: 10 mV/Pa
  • Rated impedance: 50 ohms
  • Rated load impedance: 1 kohms
  • Equivalent noise level, CCIR1): 27 dB
  • Equivalent noise level, A-weighted1): 18 dB-A
  • Signal-to-noise ratio, CCIR1) (rel. 94 dB SPL): 67 dB
  • Signal-to-noise ratio, A-weighted1) (rel. 94 dB SPL): 76 dB
  • Maximum SPL for THD 0.5%2): 142 dB
  • Maximum SPL for THD 0.5% with preattenuation2): 152 dB
  • Maximum output voltage: 10 dBu
  • Dynamic range of the microphone amplifier (A-weighted): 124 dB
  • Supply voltage (P48, IEC 61938): 48 V ± 4 V
  • Current consumption (P48, IEC 61938): 2 mA
  • Matching connector: XLR3F
  • Weight: 80 g
  • Diameter: 22 mm
  • Length: 92 mm
Manufacturer Neumann
Model SKM150
GTIN 0615104070998
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