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Millennia Media LOC - Analog Legacy Universal Playback Equaliser

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Millennia Media LOC - Analog Legacy Universal Playback Equaliser

  • Millennia Media LOC - Analog Legacy Universal Playback Equaliser

Millennia Media LOC - Analog Legacy Universal Playback Equaliser

The Millennia Media LOC Analog Legacy Universal Playback Equaliser is a hand-crafted collection of Millennia's essential, 100% DC coupled preamplifier and equalizer circuitry tailored specifically for the needs of archiving and mastering professionals. Audiophiles requiring a sonically uncompromised phono path will also benefit. The LOC was originally specified under contract for the U.S. Government (Library of Congress, Culpeper VA). Since then, the LOC has been acquired by archiving and mastering labs throughout the world. 

The LOC offers a selectable mono or stereo playback environment which can be used with any modern or legacy phonograph cartridge. Any known style of record pressing can be compensated perfectly with the LOC, including vertical groove processes. When the LOC does not offer a precise preset compensation point, a user may define virtually any compensation via passive plug-in components.

LOC employs a 100% discrete design topology from input to output, utilizing both discrete bipolar and field-effect transistors where they are optimally applied for Millennia's hallmark sonic invisibility. The LOC accepts balanced line-level or phono-level input via gold XLR connectors. Unbalanced RCA inputs are also provided. Ten discrete outputs are provided on both gold XLR and RCA phono connectors.

Millennia Media LOC Features:

  • True differentially balanced phonographic preamplifier topology
  • User-definable (universal) compensation and loading parameters
  • Sets new precedent in phonographic sonic invisibility
  • Ultra-premium transformerless componentry throughout
  • Gold relays, connectors & switches. Hand machined aluminum cosmetics
  • Extremely low noise (-125 dBu flat). Pure class-a discrete j-FET filters
  • Effortless, lifelike musical performance at all dynamic levels
  • Constructed for life, cosmetically appealing
  • Lundahl MC transformer option included at no additional charge (bypassable)
Manufacturer Millennia
Model Millennia Media LOC
Millennia Media LOC
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