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  1. Sennheiser e 912

    Sennheiser Evolution e 912 Boundary Microphone - condenser, halfcardioid pickup pattern. Phantom powered

    The Sennheiser e 912 is a boundary condenser microphone ideal for instruments, vocals and speech. It features a half cardioid pick up pattern and is perfect for use with choirs, pianos, conferences and church applications thanks to its discreet design. Learn More
    £239.00 £199.17 (ex. vat)
  2. Bartlett TM125 boundary Microphone

    Bartlett TM125 Boundary / PZM Microphone

    The Bartlett TM-125 is a supercardioid boundary mic designed for use on a theater stage to pick up actors in drama or musicals. Other intended uses are capturing the footwork of dance groups and players in indoor sport venues. Learn More
    £300.00 £250.00 (ex. vat)
  3. Shure Beta 91A Kick Drum Boundary Microphone Top

    Shure Beta 91A Kick Drum Boundary Microphone

    The Shure Beta 91A is optimised for kick drums, as well as traditional low end applications including piano. It uses a half-cardioid condenser boundary microphone with an integrated XLR preamplifier that is tailored for a strong low-end response. It has a two-position contour switch for optimised so Learn More
    £249.50 £207.92 (ex. vat)
  4. Audio Technica ATR4697

    Audio Technica ATR4697 - Low Profile Omnidirectional Boundary Microphone

    Ideal for meetings & teleconferencing, the Audio Technica ATR4697 is a condenser boundary microphone with an omnidirectional polar pattern. It is useful in surface-mounted applications, for meetings, teleconferencing and desktop computer use. The microphone's low-profile design assures minimum visib Learn More
    £25.00 £20.83 (ex. vat)
  5. Sanken Cub-01 PT Grey - Miniature Cardioid Boundary Microphone (Unterminated)

    Sanken Cub-01 PT Grey - Miniature Cardioid Boundary Microphone (Unterminated)

    The Sanken CUB-01 offers an exclusive design which overcomes the limitations of previous boundary microphones, producing an extremely rich and full-bodied sound. Although small (32.5mm diameter, 14mm height, 45g weight) the sound is comparable with much larger microphones. Learn More
    £472.80 £394.00 (ex. vat)
  6. DPA BLM4060 Boundary Layer Microphone

    DPA d:screet BLM4060 Boundary Layer Microphone

    The DPA BLM4060 Boundary Layer Microphone is ideal for use in boardrooms, conference facilities, courtrooms, teleconferencing and other applications where excellent vocal pickup is required. The BLM4060 is a transducer designed to work under optimum conditions when placed on a tabletop, but it also Learn More
    £600.00 £500.00 (ex. vat)
  7. Audio Technica PRO 44

    Audio Technica PRO44 - Unidirectional Condenser Boundary Microphone

    With its half space unidirectional polar pattern, low profile design, and outstanding sound quality, the Audio Technica PRO 44 is ideal for conference tables, podiums, lecterns and other installed sound uses. Learn More
    £106.67 £88.89 (ex. vat)
  8. Audio Technica PRO 42

    Audio Technica PRO42 - Miniature Unidirectional Condenser Boundary Microphone

    The Audio Technica PRO 42 features a low profile design that assures inconspicuous appearance for surface-mount use in boardroom, school, government, house of worship and other installed applications. Learn More
    £82.50 £68.75 (ex. vat)
  9. Audio Technica U851R

    Audio Technica U851R - Cardioid Condenser Boundary Microphone Phantom Power Only

    Featuring breakthrough audio and mechanical design innovations, the phantom-powered Audio Technica U851R offers outstanding speech intelligibility and transparent sound quality for surface-mount applications. Learn More
    £221.66 £184.72 (ex. vat)
  10. Crown PCC170 -  Boundary microphone

    Crown PCC170 - Boundary microphone

    Surface-mount supercardioid microphone that is equally adept in the boardroom, at the lectern, or for teleconferencing Learn More
    £300.00 £250.00 (ex. vat)

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