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Mercury M76m/1 MKIII - Single Channel Tube Mic Pre/DI

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Mercury M76m/1 MKIII - Single Channel Tube Mic Pre/DI

  • Mercury M76m/1 MKIII - Single Channel Tube Mic Pre/DI

Mercury M76m/1 MKIII - Single Channel Tube Mic Pre/DI

The Mercury M76m/1 MKIII is a mono microphone pre-amplifier and DI that is based on the highly sought after vintage amplifier modules, the ‘Telefunken/Siemens’ V76m. 

The Mercury M76m Mk. III is a transformer balanced, four tube per channel, high gain amplifier that keeps the integrity of the original circuit with an open and warm tonality. The m76m Mk.III has been built to be the ultimate combination of vintage sound and modern features such as: Phantom, Phase, as well as many new features such as: Level Control and High/Low Impedance switch never available on any module, or even custom racked units, the Mercury M76m is the benchmark of modern tube microphone amplifiers. 

Mercury M76m/1 MKIII Specifications:

  • Mic Input Impedance:   Approx. 2k
  • Suggested Source Impedance:   Approx. 200 ohms
  • Input Impedance with -28dB Pad:   Approx. 4k
  • DI Input Impedance:   2M ohms
  • Internal Output Impedance:   30-50 ohms (depends on gain setting)
  • Suggested Minimum Load:   500 ohms
  • Max. Mic Signal Input Level (@ 20 Hz):   +34dBu with -28dB Pad engaged / +6dBu with Pad not engaged
  • Max. Output Level:   +22dBu
  • Frequency Response:   20 Hz to 20 kHz +/- 0.5dB
  • Harmonic Distortion:   All musically related low orders of harmonics, with no significant order above 5th
Manufacturer Mercury
Model Mercury M76m/1 MKIII
Mercury M76m/1 MKIII
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