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McDSP Analog Channel Native - AAX Native, RTAS, AU, AS

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McDSP Analog Channel Native

  • McDSP Analog Channel Native
  • McDSP Analog Channel Native

McDSP Analog Channel Native

The McDSP Analog Channel Native emulates the sounds of high-end analog tape machines, tape, and channel amplifiers. The plug-in comes in AAX Native, RTAS, AU & AS formats. Analog Channel is 2 plug-ins: AC101 & AC202.

AC101 – Emulates analog channel amplifier circuits
The AC101 configuration acts as a digital pre-amp allowing even excessive amounts of gain without digital distortion. A drive control determines where the audio “sits” in the saturation/compression region, and even the attack and release times of the distortion character are adjustable.

AC202 – Emulates analog tape machines
The AC202 configuration emulates analog tape machines. In addtiion to standard tape machine parameters such as bias, playback speed, and IEC1/2 equalization, AC202 offers controls well beyond the limits of the reel-world devices including adjustable low frequency roll off and head bump – independent of playback speed. The user can select from several playback head types, tape formulations, and even control the tape saturation recovery time.

McDSP Analog Channel Native Features

  • Library of presets emulating analog mixing systems
  • Real-time display of saturation curves and calibrations
  • Analog Saturation modeling
  • Double precision processing
  • Ultra low latency
  • Mono and stereo versions


  • AAX Native
  • RTAS
  • AU - Audio Unit
  • AS - Audiosuite
Manufacturer McDSP
Model McDSP Analog Channel Native
McDSP Analog Channel Native
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