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Mackie ONYX 24.4 - 24-channel 4-bus live sound console - Special Offer (1-Available)

£994.99 £829.16 (ex. vat)

Mackie ONYX 24.4 - 24-channel 4-bus live sound console

  • Mackie ONYX 24.4 - 24-channel 4-bus live sound console
  • Mackie ONYX 24.4 - 24-channel 4-bus live sound console
  • Mackie ONYX 24.4 Rear

Mackie ONYX 24.4 - 24-Channel 4-Bus Premium Analogue Mixer

The Mackie Onyx 24.4 is a premium 24-channel, 4-bus mixer designed for Live Sound applications and builds on the success of the popular Mackie SR24•4 mixing console.

While retaining the same footprint as its predecessor, the new Onyx 24.4 brings many new features and enhancements to the table: 100mm Panasonic faders, premium mic preamps, redesigned analogue circuitry with more headroom, greater routing flexibility, new Perkins EQ, and a built-in assignable stereo compressor/limiter.

The Onyx 4-Bus channel strip is laid out with working ergonomics in mind. Each control has been strategically placed for maximum functionality and ease of operation. The oversized Solo and Mute switches are physically separated by the main fader on each channel, in order to minimize the confusion that can occur during mixing. Frequently used controls, such as faders, Solo and Mute switches, channel Assigns, Aux sends and EQ section are placed closest to you for ease. Controls used during setup and sound check such as Input Gain, phantom power, phase invert and the High Pass Filter switch are placed out of the way. The last two channels are specifically designed for stereo devices: effects returns, synthesizers, Laptops or any stereo playback devices.

The Onyx 24.4 features 24 balanced direct outputs that can be used for multi-track recording. These outputs are post gain/insert and spread across three 25-pin D-Sub (DB-25 female) connectors, in groups of eight. Each DB-25 is wired to the Tascam DB-25 pinout standard for ease. The direct outputs are configured as pre-fader and can be switched via internal jumpers to either pre or post-EQ.

The Master section provides everything you would expect from a Mackie mixer. Designed with a practical and easy to understand layout, anyone from a Sunday morning volunteer operator to a seasoned professional engineer can quickly learn to operate the console, fully exploiting its outstanding capabilities.

Mackie Onyx 24.4 Features

  • 24-channel 4-bus premium analogue mixer designed for live sound
  • Onyx microphone preamps with class-leading fidelity and dynamic range on every channel
  • 4-band Perkins EQ on every channel for warm, musical sound
  • 6 x 2 Matrix Mixer provides 2 additional mixes for cry rooms, monitors, etc.
  • Built-in assignable stereo compressor/limiter designed by THAT Corporation
  • Giant 12-segment LED ladders for Main output and compressor/limiter
  • 6 Aux sends with Pre/Post switches
  • Two dedicated stereo channels
  • 100mm Panasonic faders on all channels, groups and mains
  • Same physical size as the popular SR24•4 mixing console
Manufacturer Mackie
Model ONYX24.4
GTIN 0663961007923
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