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Looptrotter SaturAMP - 500-Series Mic-Pre & Distortion Circuit

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Looptrotter SaturAMP Front

  • Looptrotter SaturAMP Front
  • Looptrotter SaturAMP Side

Looptrotter SaturAMP - 500-Series Mic-Pre & Distortion Circuit

The Looptrotter SaturAMP is a 500 series microphone pre-amp and instrument pre-amp that features built in saturation taken from the Looptrotter Sa2rate inspired by the sounds of vintage analog consoles and tape recorders. The instrument input uses FET transistors operating in class A and enrich the signal with an even amount of harmonic frequencies improving the sound of guitars, bass and even synthesisers giving them a detailed sound with saturation helping them sit perfectly in the mix.

SATurAMP is equipped with high-pass filter with a slope of 12db per octave. There are three options of cut-off frequency, with three different characteristics: 60Hz - Chebychev, 100Hz - Butterworth, 160Hz - Bessel

Looptrotter SaturAMP Features:

  • Preamplifier with amplification of 66dB (gain 60dB + output +6dB)- 
  • Gain on operational amplifier, build of discrete elements
  • Gain control without mechanic contacts
  • Smooth regulation of output level with OUTPUT knob
  • Instrument input, Hi-Z, on the front panel (impedance of 1M ohm), build of discrete elements
  • Original saturation unit adding low order harmonic frequencies, working also like soft limiter
  • Signal peak indicated with LED
  • 2 LEDs indicating signal saturation level (4% and 8% THD)
  • 3 LEDSs indicating output level
  • PAD -20 dB
  • Phantom power 48V
  • Polarization switch
  • High-pass filter with slope of 12db per octave, with selectable cut-off frequency and characteristic 60 Hz - Chebychev, 100Hz - Butterworth, 160 Hz - Bessel
  • MUTE button – muting the preamp output
  • SOWTER transformer in signal path
  • 100% original design guaranteeing unique, oryginal sound
Manufacturer Looptrotter Audio Engineering
Model Looptrotter SaturAMP
Looptrotter Audio Engineering
Looptrotter Audio Engineering
Looptrotter SaturAMP
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