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Looptrotter Monster - Stereo Compressor/Distortion

£2,100.00 £1,750.00 (ex. vat)

Looptrotter Monster - Stereo Compressor/Distortion Front

  • Looptrotter Monster - Stereo Compressor/Distortion Front
  • Looptrotter Monster - Stereo Compressor/Distortion Rear

Looptrotter Monster - Stereo Compressor/Distortion

The Looptrotter Monster combines a FET transistor based compressor and a tube based saturation circuit for a truly "best of both worlds" sound. The FET transistor is responsible for gain reduction and is optimized to add low order harmonics. Because of this, the sound is tangible and detailed, even with large amounts of compression. 

The saturation circuit is based on military NOS tubes which are designed for prolonged life and can provide lots of grit to your sound for more extreme applications but thanks to the MIX function the saturation can be blended to whatever amount the application requires meaning you can achieve an extremely natural sound.

The Looptrotter Monster Compressor is built using only the finest components and uses a minimalistic signal path to achieve a neutral sound and an identical sound between both channels for when using the Monster in stereo applications.

Looptrotter Monster Features:

  • Original construction guarantees unique sound
  • Minimalistic audio path based upon carefully selected components, ensures the best sound quality
  • FET transistor responsible for signal reduction, provides high speed compression and introduces even order harmonics to the signal. It gives the tracks more clarity and presence in the mix
  • The signal after the compressor is amplified by a discrete operational amplifier
  • Saturation circuit built with military grade electron tubes (NOS), with prolonged life, ensuring flawless work and excellent sound quality
  • Even harmonics boost in the tube saturation circuit
  • The "Mix" function allowing for mixing of the clean and processed sound
  • Switch based parameter control allows quick re-call and settings match for both channels
Manufacturer Looptrotter Audio Engineering
Model Looptrotter Monster - Stereo Compressor/Distortion
Looptrotter Audio Engineering
Looptrotter Audio Engineering
Looptrotter Monster - Stereo Compressor/Distortion
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