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Helios F760 Compressor/Limiter reissue of the 70's Audio & Design F760

£1,020.00 £850.00 (ex. vat)

Helios F760 Compressor/Limiter

  • Helios F760 Compressor/Limiter

Helios F760 Compressor/Limiter reissue of the 70's Audio & Design F760

The Helios F760 is an exact reissue of the highly sought after 70's FET compressor and limiter which is loved by many engineers worldwide.

The F760 has the exact same specifications as the original 70's units. The available ratios range from 1:1, 2:1, 3:1, 5:1, 10:1 and 20:1 which gives you the ability to subtly control your audio or fiercely limit it. 

Due to the Helios F760's FET topology it is capable of extremely fast time constants with attack times starting at 0.25ms and the release starting at -0.25m. The Helios F760 features additional controls such as an input level knob and a three-way output level switch, and a built-in peak limter with LED indicator.
The Helios F760 successfully brings back the legendary and epic sound of the 70's.

The Helios F760 Compressor/ Limiter Features:

  • Reissue of a legendary 70’s Compressor 
  • Unique FET Design originally designed by ADR 
  • Huge-sounding, ultra-flexible FET compressor 
  • Onboard peak limiter
  • Ready for stereo operation 
  • Re-calibrated VU meter for better indication of Gain reduction 
  • Helios 69 Power Supply Required
Manufacturer Helios
Model Helios F760 Compressor/Limiter
Helios F760 Compressor/Limiter
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