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  1. K&M 23550

    K&M 23550 Stereo Microphone Bar

    The K&M 23550 is an adjustable stereo microphone bar that connects to the top of a microphone stand. This unit will accommodate up to 2 microphones or booms. It features 5/8" locking screws, which allow you to adjust the position of the microphones o...
    £8.04 (inc. vat)
    £6.70 (ex. vat)

  2. Isoacoustics Argosy 360i Spire I-stand

    Isoacoustics Argosy 360i Spire I-stand - Black (Single)

    The Argosy 360i Spire I-stand features patented IsoAcoustics isolation pad technology designed to keep your speakers in the optimal position, allowing for movement and a more defined sound....
    £259.99 (inc. vat)
    £216.66 (ex. vat)

  3. K&M 25900

    K&M 25900 Low level 2-Piece Telescopic boom stand - Black

    The K&M 259 (Black) is a short tripod microphone boom stand designed for placement at guitar cabinets, drums, monitors etc. The stand features an adjustable height between 14 - 25". ...
    £45.96 (inc. vat)
    £38.30 (ex. vat)

  4. Atacama Nexus 10i

    Atacama Nexus 10i Speaker Stands, Pair

    The award winning Nexus range of entry level speaker stands offer unparalleled quality at such a low cost. Atacama has always been known for offering customers outstanding value for money and the Nexus is no exception. ...
    £90.00 (inc. vat)
    £75.00 (ex. vat)

  5. K&M 21366 - Speaker Pole with Lock Ring

    K&M 21366 - Speaker Pole with Lock Ring

    The K&M 21366 is a steel mounting pole for use between subwoofer speakers and satellite PA speakers. K&M's unique Ring Lock mechanism features an expanding mandrel. Simply turn the mechanism to adjust for a secure fit within 35 to 37mm shaft fittings...
    £66.00 (inc. vat)
    £55.00 (ex. vat)

  6. Moog Mother-32 2 Tier Rack Mount Kit

    Moog Mother-32 2 Tier Rack Mount Kit

    The Moog Mother-32 2-Tier Rack Kit is designed to combine two Mother-32 synthesizers together, mounting them vertically and giving you the ability to link them together via the patchbay. This rack kit provides greater creative possibilities, as well ...
    £57.00 (inc. vat)
    £47.50 (ex. vat)

  7. Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S4/S5 Flight Case

    Native Instruments Flightcase for Traktor Kontrol S4 & S5

    The Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S4 & S5 Flight Case is a robust and reliable case is designed especially for Traktor Kontrol S4 & S5 DJ controllers. Soft padding on the inside, extremely durable on the outside, perfect for any mobile DJ....
    £139.00 (inc. vat)
    £115.83 (ex. vat)

  8. K&M 21060-300-55

    K&M 21060-300-55 Boom Microphone Stand - Black

    The K&M 21060-300-55 (10/6) Boom Microphone Stand has a tubular assembly, boom arm, zinc die-cast base with folding legs. The square swivel joint is tightened with a large wing nut. The whole stand is coated in a soft-touch powder coating....
    £31.80 (inc. vat)
    £26.50 (ex. vat)

  9. Portabrace AR-ZH6 (Recorder not included)

    Portabrace AR-ZH6 - Zoom H6 Audio Recorder Case

    The Portabrace AR-ZH6 is a custom-fit carrying case for the Zoom H6 recorder. The main part of the case is constructed using durable, balistic-grade Cordura nylon. Clear vinyl windows allow viewing of controls while protecting the Zoom recorder from ...
    £102.00 (inc. vat)
    £85.00 (ex. vat)

  10. Reloop Laptop Stand Flat (*Laptop and Interface NOT Included)

    Reloop Laptop Stand Flat - Low Height Laptop Riser

    The Reloop Laptop Stand Flat is a low height riser stand for laptops. Included is an interface tray that can be attached beneath or to the rear of the laptop, this is ideal for your sound card. ...
    £30.00 (inc. vat)
    £25.00 (ex. vat)

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