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Great River MEQ-1NV - Single Channel Mic Pre & EQ - Rack Mount

£3,060.82 £2,550.68 (ex. vat)

Great River MEQ-1NV Front

  • Great River MEQ-1NV Front
  • Great River MEQ-1NV Rear

Great River MEQ-1NV - Single Channel Mic Pre & EQ - Rack Mount

The Great River MEQ-1NV is a single channel, channel strip combining the EQ-1NV 4 band equaliser and the ME-1NV microphone pre-amplifier.

The Great River EQ-1NV is a 1 channel desktop or rack-mountable 4 channel equaliser that modernizes and features similar topology to the classic British "1081/1083" type equalisers. The EQ-1NV improves on the classic EQ's with a newly designed Class-A discrete single-ended amplifiers and true capacitor circuitry which adds greater clarity and dynamic range.

The Great River ME-1NV is a single channel microphone pre-amplifier that modernizes and improves upon classic British design. Like all Great River products the ME-1NV features expert craftsmanship with a transparent and vintage harmonic sound.

Great River MEQ-1NV Features:

ME-1NV Preamp

  • Multiple In/Out connections: XLR balanced; ¼" -10dbV output for 'no-latency' DAW monitoring; high-Z input on front panel (disconnects mic input): TRS ¼” insert patch point for compressor or equalizer ahead of the output amplifier
  • Adjustable gain stages: input in 5db steps to 60db; output from -25 to +10db; maximum overall gain 70db; 2 to 3 stages of single ended solid state amplifier gain blocks, depending on gain structure; high-current 70ma Class A bias on output stage
  • Input and output meters on each channel (dual-stage metering is a Great River exclusive)
  • Front panel switches: polarity; phantom power; input impedance (1200 / 300 ohm); output loading (600 ohm resistor across output transformer)
  • High quality, custom wound Sowter transformers
  • Gold plated switching contacts
  • Local power supply regulation on each channel
  • 110, 220 volts, either 50 or 60 Hz operation with external selection
  • 3 year warranty with registration

EQ-1NV Equaliser

  • One channel, discrete Class-A design
  • Multiple In/Out connections: XLR balanced line in and out; ¼" -10dbV output for 'no-latency' DAW monitoring; TRS ¼” insert patch point for NV Series mic preamp (inserts EQ between NV preamp gain stages)
  • Wide range of input sensitivity from +8dbm to -20dbm with selection between line in and insert patch point
  • 4 bands independently enabled with +/-15db boost/cut
  • Hi and low bands selectable between peaking and shelving
  • Hi-mid and low-mid bands each have 3 selectable Q positions
  • 3rd order selectable frequency high pass filter
  • Hardwire bypass of equalizer section
  • Internal low-noise shielded power supply (externally selectable for 110 / 220 volt; 50 / 60 Hz)
  • 3 year warranty with registration
Manufacturer Great River
Model Great River MEQ-1NV
Great River
Great River
Great River MEQ-1NV
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