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Genelec 5040 Active Subwoofer - each (Available in Black/White/Silver)

£409.00 £340.83 (ex. vat)

Genelec 5040 Active Subwoofer

  • Genelec 5040 Active Subwoofer
  • Genelec 5040 Bottom

Measuring just 251 mm high with a diameter of 305 mm, the 5040A extends the system's bass response from 73 Hz down to 35 Hz and integrates perfectly with the 6010A's in any environment.

The playback level for the whole system is conveniently controlled by the remote volume control provided with the 5040A subwoofer. The 5040A features a magnetically shielded downward firing 61/ 2" bass driver attached to a die-cast aluminium base plate.

The base plate also serves as the chassis for the 40-Watt amplifier and 5.1-channel crossover filter circuitry. The Genelec 5040A packs a respectable punch of 96 dB maximum SPL. The built-in crossover unit features six RCA input connectors for five main channels and LFE channel and five RCA output connectors for the 6010A loudspeakers. The main channels have a fixed high pass filter to work with Genelec 6010A loudspeakers. The LFE channel can reproduce signals up to 120 Hz. In addition to the RCA connectors, a 3.5 mm stereo jack input connector is provided for convenient connection to portable audio players or computers.

Adjustable input sensitivity in combination with adjustable crossover phase allows a seamless integration between the subwoofer and the main loudspeakers. Bass roll-off rate and input sensitivity can also be adjusted to suit different acoustical environments and subwoofer positioning.

Finding the correct place for the sub-woofer is easy due to the compact size and versatile acoustical adjustments of the Genelec 5040A. A combination of the 5040A and five 6010As can create a dynamic and detailed soundstage like no other loudspeaker system of the same size category.

Manufacturer Genelec
Model SGEN5040
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