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Empirical Labs EL500 - 2-Slot Horizontal 500-Series Chassis

£522.00 £435.00 (ex. vat)

Empirical Labs EL500

  • Empirical Labs EL500
  • Empirical Labs EL500 Front
  • Empirical Labs EL500 Rear

Empirical Labs EL500 - 2-Slot Horizontal 500-Series Chassis

The Empirical Labs EL500 is a chassis/enclosure capable of holding two API 500-Series modules horizontally. The EL500 features a quiet and high quality power supply and high quality XLR input and outputs. Additionally the EL500 has an automatically switching Hi-Z instrument input on the front for easy connection.

The Empirical Labs EL500 is a great solution for users who don't have the space for a traditional 'lunchbox' style enclosure and need something that can be conveniently rack mounted.

Empirical Labs EL500 Features:

  • Unique Flush Mount system for durability & looks. 
  • Super Quiet ± 16Volt Supplies. Perhaps quietest available. 
  • More than 280mA available on both supplies. 
  • 48 volt Phantom supply. 35 mA of current. 
  • Link Switch to Stereo Link two Compressors. 
  • Built in “Inst In” (Instrument In) for high impedance inputs built 
  • into front panel. Direct box built right in! 
  • “Inst In” THD is less than .0006%. 
  • A performing musician can use the INST IN combined with his favorite modules, using the super quality preamp on this front panel jack. 
  • Auto-Sense on “Inst In” jack 
  • XLR & Phone Plug Inputs and Outputs. A total of 9 input and output connectors. 
  • Front panel Link Switch for Stereo linking dynamic devices such as compressors/limiters/gates. 
  • Power Consumption – 14 Watts max. 9 Watts Typical with modules installed.
Manufacturer Empirical Labs
Model Empirical Labs EL500
Empirical Labs
Empirical Labs
Empirical Labs EL500
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