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DK-Technologies DK1 Master Stereo Meter

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DK-Technologies DK1 Master Stereo Meter

  • DK-Technologies DK1 Master Stereo Meter
  • DK-Technologies DK1 Master Stereo Meter

The DK Meter has been designed to meet the increasing demands from the market for cost effective audio metering including loudness. It is easy to use and is supplied with all known loudness measurement recommendations as well as the standard DK-Technologies meter scales.

This groundbreaking Compact Audio Loudness Meter is no bigger than an smartphone and is designed to meet increasing demands from the market for cost-effective stereo and 5.1 metering, including loudness. The DK Meter is easy to use, easy to install and comes with its own desk-mount. It accepts digital audio inputs and is supplied with ITU, EBU & ATSC loudness measurement recommendations, as well as the standard DK-Technologies meter scales. The DK meter will also provide you with Graphical Loudness measurement as well as the award winning StarFish Surround Sound display in DK2 and the vectorscope for DK1. Updates will be available on an 'as-required' basis to allow for any new recommendations or changes to the existing ones.

DK1 Features

Master Stereo Meter inc power supply, short interface cable (USB power & 1 x BNC), mounting bracket, Multiple meter scales inc. DIN, BBC, ABC, phase meter, Goniometer, Loudness to ITU 1770/71, EBU R128 & ATSC A/85 & graphical display of loudness over time. Input supplied as AES via BNC and un-terminated stereo analogue.

  • Loudness measurement to ITU, ATSC and EBU recommendations
  • Compatible with all DK-Technologies meters
  • USB Powered
  • User-adjustable sliding window
  • Selectable reference frequencies
  • Adjustable reference level
  • Variable gate settings
  • Stereo metering with BBC, DIN, Nordic, ABC, DMU & DFS, LU, LKFS or LUFS scales
  • Phase indication as a moving bar between +/-100%
  • Dynamic Gate
  • Numerical indication of loudness & loudness range - LRA
  • True Peak displayed as flying peak & numerical display
  • Simple front panel controls
  • Update capability via local PC
  • Desk or rack mount
Manufacturer DK-Technologies
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