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Digidesign Dolby Surround Tools

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  • Digidesign Dolby Surround Tools

With millions of home theater and multimedia systems equipped for Dolby Surround playback, surround-encoded programming is in demand. Thanks to Dolby Surround Tools, you can produce Dolby Surround mixes on both Mac- and Windows-based Pro Tools TDM systems for videos, DVDs, TV shows, ad spots, multimedia, CDs, and video games entirely within the Pro Tools environment.

Dolby Surround Tools makes surround mixing very efficient for the Pro Tools workstation user. D-to-A and A-to-D conversions are no longer needed due to the Dolby Surround Tools' encoding and decoding processes matching those of the industry standard Dolby Model SEU4 and SDU4 units. In addition, Dolby Surround Tools supports the Pro Tools multi-channel mixer and sample rates up to 96 kHz.

While Dolby Surround Tools is not designed for the final mixing of matrix-encoded theatrical film soundtracks, it can be used to preview the results of the process (4-2-4 monitoring) on the discrete four-channel audio tracks (L, C, R, S) that will subsequently be combined with other elements during the final mixing of film soundtracks. This is a vital asset for any facility that regularly supplies four-channel sound effects and music recordings for theatrical film productions. (Dolby Laboratories continues to supply producers with dedicated film sound encoder systems for final film mastering.)

Furthermore, your clients will be able to take full marketing advantage of the renowned Dolby Surround trademark on their productions and packaging, with an easy-to-obtain, royalty-free license from Dolby Laboratories.

About Dolby Surround

Dolby Surround is a phase-matrix encode/decode process that makes it possible for regular stereo program sources to carry four channels of information. Originally developed as a sound-with-picture format, the channels are configured with three across the front (Left, Center, Right) and a fourth (Surround) reproduced by speakers to the sides and rear of the listening area.

Because Dolby Surround soundtracks are specially encoded during production and then decoded on playback, producers can control the placement and movement of sounds in a way that creates a remarkably realistic listening experience.

With tens of millions of playback systems in home worldwide and a multitude of encoded films and TV programs available to the consumer, Dolby Surround has become the standard for high-quality surround audio.

Dolby Surround Tools Features

  • Encoder and Decoder TDM Plug-ins
  • Supports Pro Tools multichannel mixer
  • With Pro Tools HD, supports sample rates up to 96 kHz
  • Backwards compatible with Dolby Surround Tools 2.0

Dolby Surround Encoder TDM Plug-in 

  • Digital implementation of Dolby Surround encode process

Dolby Surround Decoder TDM Plug-in 

  • Digital implementation of Dolby Pro Logic decode process
  • Mode selection for Mono, Stereo or Dolby Surround monitoring
  • Set-up calibration system and surround delay controls
  • Center speaker monitoring options
Manufacturer Digidesign
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