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DBX Quantum 1 Digital Multiband Mastering Processor (used)

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DBX Quantum Used

  • DBX Quantum Used

DBX Quantum 1 Digital Multiband Mastering Processor - Used

This Used DBX Quantum is in good used condition with only a few small cosmetic marks. Item is fully working and tested.

DBX Quantum Info

The DBX Quantum was the first studio mastering tool that offered sampling rates up to 96kHz, with a true 48 bit digital signal path, and the superior dbx® dynamics processing.

Insert the Quantum on the master outputs of any console or workstation and turn out a professional master every time. The patented dbx dynamics processing is now available in a 4 band multiband system. A 4 way crossover splits the signal into 4 bands, and each band may be individually gated, compressed, and limited.

The patent-pending dbx TYPE IV® Conversion System allows you to retain the warmth and body you want in your signal while adding punch and depth, giving you the “big market” sound you want. And the intuitive user interface puts all the mastering processes you need right at your fingertips.

dbx’s intuitive operating system allows you easy access to the strongest mastering toolbox ever released. A quick surf through the menu driven system gives you a glimpse of the packed feature set. Use the 4 band crossover with independent slope selection to split the incoming signal into 4 bands that are then each controlled separately for individual gating, compression, and limiting. A 5 band parametric EQ offers unprecedented control, with variable Q, adaptable or constant Q, and Lo and High shelving features, making the Quantum the most versatile and useful tool to use for all your mastering needs.

The Quantum also comes with the patent-pending TYPE IV Conversion System on board. TYPE IV captures the character of any analog signal to the digital domain in a way that defies description. With the help of TSE™ Tape Saturation Emulation, the Quantum retains the original warmth we all want in our recording, while giving it the clarity and versatility we need in today’s digital world of music production and mastering. You can also dither your signal down to 24, 20, or 16 bits using our custom dither algorithms. For more versatility use full MIDI/SysEx control, and internal/external sync capability. And by the way, if we ever change the software, you won’t have to buy anything, just download the update from our Internet site and install it via the MIDI ports.

DBX Quantum Features

  • 96kHz, 24-bit A/D, D/A, and Digital I/O on AES/EBU or S/PDIF
  • 48-bit internal signal path for increased head room and low level resolution
  • Type IV® A/D Conversion system with TSE
  • 4-Band stereo compressor-gate-limiter
  • 5-band EQ - Hi and Lo shelves, 3-band fully parametric
  • Normalizer—lets you control overall signal dynamics
  • Stereo adjust—control your stereo image
  • Sync input/output using dbx's® own proprietary clock chips for extremely low jitter sync
  • Dither outputs to 16, 20, or 24 bits.
  • Sample rate conversion
  • Software updateable via Internet and MIDI
  • 4-band crossover with variable slopes
Manufacturer DBX
Model DBX Quantum Used
DBX Quantum Used
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