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Chandler TG12413 Compressor /limiter TDM Plug-in - Model of the unmodified classic EMI TG12413 Limiter.

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  • Chandler TG12413 Compressor /limiter TDM Plug-in - Model of the unmodified classic EMI TG12413 Limiter.

With the EMI TG12413 TDM plug-in from Chandler Limited you have access to the classic limiter/compressor that was built into the EMI TG 12345 desk designed for Studio 2 at London's fabled Abbey Road. The EMI TG12345 was the first solid-state multi-channel mixing board in the world, custom-built by the technicians and audio engineers at Abbey Road, and every microphone channel was fitted with an EMI TG12413. Used an a good chunk of the Pink Floyd albums (including Dark Side of the Moon), the TG12413 was also put to use on the Beatles Abbey Road album.

The EMI TG12413 TDM Plug-In is actually two plug-ins in one, lettting you choose between classic and contemporary versions of this legendary compressor/limiter. The EMI TG12413 1969 Model of the unmodified classic EMI TG12413 Limiter features the standard HOLD control as on the vintage units. The EMI TG12413 2005 Model of the Chandler Limited TG1 Abbey Road Special Edition limiter has the Hold control modified to be INPUT gain and the overall input is boosted 10dB so the Limiter really slams!

The EMI TG12413 TDMs Gain meter is identical to the original vintage TG unit. All the virtual knobs are classic style chicken-head knobs, with knobs for selecting compressor or limiter, a Recovery (Release) knob, and output knob, and an input knob that doubles as a threshold control.

Manufacturer Chandler
Model SCHATG12413TDM
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