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Cascade Microphones ISO-Panel - Acoustic Baffle

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Cascade Microphones ISO-Panel - Acoustic Baffle

  • Cascade Microphones ISO-Panel - Acoustic Baffle
  • Cascade Microphones ISO-Panel - Acoustic Baffle

The Cascade Iso-Panel is a unique and revolutionary microphone isolation panel. It featuring adjustable stand swivel mount, adjustable side baffles, table top legs and boom stand mounting. Cascade's unique swivel mount allows for easy mounting and positioning on almost any microphone stand. Simply attach the mount to the stand and slide the panel in.

The panel can be placed directly on a table with our rubber feet. This set-up is perfect for voice over clients and small home studios.

Cascade Iso-Panel Features

  • The ISO-PANEL side baffles are adjustable, this unique feature focus on the subject and reduce or increase room ambience to the desired amount.
  • We have incorporated specially designed legs with isolation dampers for tabletop use, making the ISO-PANEL perfect for doing pod casts, voice over work and home studio recording.
  • Upgraded stand mounting bracket (far superior than the ones that are used by our competitors).
  • The Cascade ISO-PANEL features high quality pyramid foam, designed to isolate the microphone from sound waves that can bounce back to the microphone from distant flat surfaces.
  • High-Tech Punched hole design along with a gray matte finish.
  • Additional mounting brackets located on back of ISO-PANEL for boom-stand mounting.
  • Upgraded stand mounting bracket enables the option to adjust the desired tilt angle of the ISO-PANEL.
  • Overall construction of Cascade panels (no rivets) are manufactured to a higher standard over competitors.
Manufacturer Cascade
Model Cascade Microphones ISO-Panel
Cascade Microphones ISO-Panel
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