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Cartec Pre-Q5 high quality transformer based microphone preamp (lunchbox Format)

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Cartec Pre-Q5 high quality transformer based microphone preamp (lunchbox Format)

  • Cartec Pre-Q5 high quality transformer based microphone preamp (lunchbox Format)

The Cartec Pre-Q5 is a high quality transformer based microphone preamp for the API 500 series format that incorporates a passive inductor equalizer, and a balanced output attenuator. The circuit is identical to our PRE-Q1A, but without the front panel controls for the High/low boost controls. The fully balanced stepped output attenuator (constant impedance T-pad) allows saturation of the output transformer while controlling the output level (allowing you to really drive the PRE-Q5 without clipping the next item in your signal chain).

The Line level switch allows all of the features of be used both during tracking and mixing. you could send pre-recorded sounds to the EQ section or use the a combination of the EQ and transformer saturation to enhance synths or any existing sounds.Inbetween the two gain stages is a filter section identical to that in our EQP-1A, which comes preset with a treble boost and bass boost/cut that can be bypassed separately, to either add low end, brighten the signal, or both. The user manual describes how to set the trim pots internally, to provide the boost and cut values that you wish to use as presets. The high frequency boost is selectable for 7, 10, or 16 khz by a toggle switch on the side of the unit. These high and low presets are intended to be used as 'thick' or 'bright' switches for general tone shaping while tracking, or to affect tracks at the mixing stage.

Cartec Pre-Q5 Features

  • 15 to 72 dB stepped gain (-25 low gain range selector)
  • Mic or line level input, and switched bridged-T output attentuator
  • Custom wound inductor and input/output transformers
  • Pultec type low frequency boost @ 100 hz
  • Inductor high frequency boost @ 7, 10 or 16 Khz
  • Twin gain stage design, including the passive Pultec filter circuit
  • VU metering, relay switching, two discrete op-amps
Manufacturer Cartec
Model Cartec Pre-Q5
Cartec Pre-Q5
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