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Barefoot Sound Microsub - 2-Way Active Subwoofer

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Barefoot Sound Microsub Front

  • Barefoot Sound Microsub Front
  • Barefoot Sound Microsub Rear

Barefoot Sound Microsub - 2-Way Active Subwoofer

The Barefoot Sound MicroSUB is a freestanding sealed-back extended bandwidth active sub-bass cabinet.

Using a sealed-back design, the Barefoot Sound MicroSUB is able to preserve its linear response and provide you with clean, clear powerful bass all the way down through the range, with increased damping at sub-sonic frequencies - far superior to ported cabinets.

Mounting the sub-woofers back-to-back in the cabinet not only gives the Barefoot Sound MicroSUB its unique appearance, it provides its unique stability at all volumes, too - by maintaining absolute phase coherence and rigid bracing for the cabinet. That means the Barefoot Sound MicroSUB can be positioned wherever is convenient and you can orient it vertically or horizontally as you have space.

Amplifier power comes from a 250W amp for the mid-range speakers and a 500W amp for the sub-woofers, for maximum punch and power - with the Barefoot Sound MicroSUB you'll be able to appreciate the bass line through your entire body.

Barefoot Sound MicroSUB Specifications:

  • 2-way active sealed-box subwoofer with extended bandwidth 
  • Subwoofer Input Controls: stepped attenuator level adjust (+6dB to -16dB), mid/sub amplifier mutes, +10 dB gain
  • Crossover Controls: 120/80/60Hz frequency select, crossover In/Out
  • Input Impedance: 50k Ohm
  • Bass Response: -3dB @ 22Hz, Q = 0.707, Slope = 12 dB/octave
  • Pass Band Response: 26Hz - 1.6kHz (+/- 1.5dB), -3dB upper cutoff at 2kHz
  • Cabinet: 32 liters total internal volume, sealed sub enclosure, sealed midbass enclosure, machined aluminum front baffle plate
  • Midbass Crossover Frequency: 95Hz
  • Midbass: 5" poly cone, sealed rear waveguide enclosure
  • Midbass Power: 250W
  • Dual Subwoofers: 10" aluminum cones, 1" peak-to-peak linear excursion
  • Subwoofer Power: 500W
  • AC Power Input: nominal 115 VAC or 230 VAC selectable
  • Power Consumption: idle 30W, maximum 675W
  • Speaker Weight: 65 lbs. each (30 kg)
  • Shipping Weight: 73 lbs. each (33 kg)
  • Dimensions HxWxD: 20.5 x 9.5 x 15.25 inches (521 x 241 x 387 mm)
Manufacturer Barefoot Sound
Model Barefoot Sound Microsub
Barefoot Sound
Barefoot Sound
Barefoot Sound Microsub
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