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Arturia V Collection 4 - 13 Software Instruments

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Arturia V Collection 4 - 13 Software Instruments Box

  • Arturia V Collection 4 - 13 Software Instruments Box
  • Arturia V Collection 4 - 13 Software Instruments Software

Arturia V Collection 4 - 13 Software Instruments

The Arturia V Collection 4 has a wide selection of instruments, each with its own character and potential. You’re sure to find the sound you need: simple, complex, soothing, searing, subtle, brash… Whether you need a monster bass, a smooth pad, a bizarre effect or a killer loop, it's all here.
You'll never run out of creative options with this collection of 9 legendary analog synthesizers, a classic electric piano, a world-famous string machine, a vintage organ, and an innovative drum machine with almost 200 drum kits.

The included instruments are:

Matrix-12 V
The most desired synth of its time, the Matrix 12 has a massive number of programming options and an unsurpassed range of sounds. We’ve added more of everything, if you can imagine that!

Solina V
Few sounds are so quickly recognized as the ARP Solina String machine. Samples can never do it justice, which makes our Solina V software model the perfect choice. Every detail has been recreated, including the lush ensemble effect, and we have integrated sounds and features from the Polymoog for the perfect pad machine.

VOX Continental-V
The portability and the sound of the Vox Continental organ made it the first choice for live gigs and studio work, and it was used in many recordings that are still popular today. We’ve modeled every aspect and included the Jennings J70 engine, full drawbars, an extra waveform and effects like delay, rotary cabinet, and more.

Spark 2
Nothing drives your music like a great drum beat, and Spark 2 is the perfect engine. Choose from hundreds of drum kits and thousands of instruments and patterns. Select one of our modeled vintage beatboxes or make powerful new sounds with our modular drum synth engine. Add the optional SparkLE controller and the sky’s the limit.

modular V
The monster synth that started it all, developed with the blessings of Dr. Moog himself. From ethereal to aggressive, stadium-shaking bass to crystal bells, sweet leads to hostile aliens, the sonic capabilities of this analog giant are unrivaled.

mini V
Soaring leads. Clangorous bells. THE bass. The Minimoog has a reputation as one of the most versatile, powerful synthesizers ever made. And our award-winning mini V takes it to new heights with massive polyphony, formant filters, and modulation routings modeled after the Memorymoog.

ARP 2600 V
Its sound has been heard on songs like Frankenstein and as the voice for R2D2, its distinctive colors have shared the stage with artists like Joe Zawinul, and its studio credits range from Stevie Wonder and the Jackson 5 to Nine Inch Nails and Owl City. It’s bright, fat and enhanced, Arturia-style. And yours in V Collection.

The Prophet 5 was first to offer presets that stored every parameter. Its sound was halfway between a Minimoog and an Odyssey, it let you play 5 notes at once, and it fit under your arm. Add the Prophet VS, with X-Y morphing of its glassy sounds, expand the polyphony and features, and you have our Prophet-V.

CS-80 V
There is no mistaking a CS-80 for any other synth: colorful and huge in both sound and appearance, it was easy to get good sounds quickly. Used by artists as diverse as Vangelis, Peter Gabriel, Tori Amos, The Who and Michael Jackson, this is an instrument with wide appeal.

The Jupiter-8 was one of the first synths that could split its keyboard, allowing a fat bass on the left side and powerful brass on the right. Simple to program and a feast for the ears, it has been used by artists like Toto, Journey, Rush and Devo. And we’ve beefed up the polyphony and the features to make its crystalline sweetness even sweeter.

Oberheim SEM V
While the Oberheim SEM started out as a single-voice expander and a sequencer slave, its unique features and sound led to a demand for keyboard models with 2, 4, and eventually 8 voices. No other synth at the time offered such a streamlined and powerful front panel, and its multi-mode filter truly made this little synth stand out among its competitors.

The Wurlitzer EP-200A has a distinctive tone favored by many artists. At lower velocities it is mellow, but as it is played harder it becomes “dirty” and rough. We use physical modeling to recreate this expressive instrument exactly, which samples can’t do. We added lots of tone-shaping options, effects and speaker selections, too!

Analog Lab
Analog Lab is “command central” for V Collection. It houses all 6000-plus sounds from the included synthesizers, and allows you to sort, filter and combine them in many ways so you can find the exact sound you need for your project fast.

Arturia V Collection 4 Features:

  • Includes 13 software titles : Matrix-12 V, Spark2, Solina V, VOX Continental V, Mini V, Modular V, CS-80V, ARP2600 V, Prophet V & Prophet VS, Jupiter 8-V, Oberheim SEM V, Wurlitzer V, Analog Lab.
  • Each virtual instrument in the V COLLECTION can be used as a stand-alone application or as a plug-in within your favorite DAW
  • Simple MIDI mapping to any keyboard controller.
  • No more e-licenser, no more dongle. Manage your licenses via our new ASC software.
  • The ability to work at up to 32bit/96kHz resolution, you can now make music on your computer the way you would with a Hardware synthesizer.
  • Thousands of high quality and innovative sound presets.
  • Thanks to TAE®, Arturia’s proprieritary technology, you have the guarantee that the sound coming from the different synthesizer recreations is as pure and phat as the original.
  • Polyphony goes from 2 to 32 voices, with unison possibilities...
  • All the features of the original synths have been recreated but more was added to take advantage of new possibilities including :
    • Modulation Matrices
    • New filter types
    • Step sequencers
    • Keyboard split and layer
    • Innovative modulation sources
    • Smart preset management
    • Additional effects
    • Arpeggiators
  • Manuals in English, Japanese and French
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